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West Virginia Adventure Resort Since 1979


A word to the wise – wind-in-your-hair freedom and adrenaline-charged outdoor adventure activities will plaster a smile on your face that’s ten-miles wide. And cruising the pages of this website is only recommended for those who are ready to envision the time of their lives.

So you’re still reading? You’re probably thinking you can resist the lure of West Virginia’s whitewater rafting on the New and Gauley rivers and the way these mountains energize just like the tingling fizz from an ice-cold fountain pop. You’re forgetting how much the sights and sounds of the outdoors will stand out in contrast to the hollow echo of office walls, the honking horns of gridlock and that neighbor’s yapping dog. You’re probably telling yourself you can quit anytime - that you can resist all-inclusive, super-convenient packages and a thousand different activities to please everyone on your roster.

You know what they say about denial.

Wild places and exciting times have a way of sticking with you to the point you just can’t shake it. We’ve seen it happen many times. Some abandon their families — just another “girls’ weekend out,” they say. Some quit their “real” jobs and move to West Virginia – how do you think we get our guide staff?

No intervention yet has proven successful at getting these adventure addicts to go back to their old ways. If it didn’t make them happy and healthy, we’d be really worried.

But, regardless, the Surgeon General still makes us include a word of CAUTION — The repeated use of ACE Adventure Resort for prescribed purposes of outdoor adventure vacations has been shown to be habit-forming. Even proper use of ACE may induce side effects such as uncontrollable laughter, intense happiness, family-togetherness, excited-osis and acute relaxation.

You are now free to leave this page. You’ve been warned!

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