Hometown: Taos, New MexicoBrandon Shaw

What year did you start guiding: 2009

What year did you start guiding for ACE: 2011

What do you do in the off-season: Travel - this Winter we are riding a motorcycle to South America. It varies.

Favorite thing about West Virginia: Community. I'll tell you a story. The summer before I came to Ace I was working on a commercial Salmon boat in Alaska. One day a tourist rented a boat and some crab traps - he set the traps in the fishing grounds of a Russian family. The family first asked the gentleman nicely to move his traps as they were in their fishing grounds and they were trying to make a living. Indignent, the tourist refused. The second time the fisherman asked they weren't as happy. The third time they had to ask they did so with their sidearms. The tourist immediately took off to the state police boat for assistance. He was advised by the sate police "It looks like youíre out numbered to me." I like that. West Virginia has that - community - doing wrong by the community is enough of a reason not to do wrong.

Favorite thing about working for ACE: You get to create your own job - taking on as much or as little as you need to.

Piece of gear you canít live without: Cowboy Boots

Favorite river memory: Canoe float trips with my Dad and brother when I was a kid.