Twin Rivers Packages

Lower New & Summer Gauley 2 Day Package

Gauley River Rafting

Nothing goes better with whitewater than more whitewater. Two full days of rafting, one day on the “Grand Canyon of the East” and the next down the remote canyon of the Gauley. Meals are included with time in between to enjoy the ACE Lake.

DAY 1: Lower New All-Day
DAY 2: Spectacular Summer Gauley

Rates Ranging From:
$238 - $282
Minimum Age: 13

Upper New & Family Lower New 2 Day Package


These two days of whitewater are for the family seeking a bold adventure. Warm up on the Upper New and then it’s all paddles ahead down the Lower New your second day. Afternoons can be spent at the ACE Lake. And yes, meals are included.

DAY 1: Upper New All-Day
DAY 2: Family Lower New

Rates Ranging From:
$178 - $282
Minimum Age: 9

Summer Gauley & Lower New 2 Day Package


When you want to experience the best whitewater West Virginia has to offer. You’ll be on the Lower New one day and the Gauley River the next, with time to spare for the ACE Lake. Meals? We’ve got that.

DAY 1: Summer Gauley All-Day
DAY 2: Lower New All-Day

Rates Ranging From:
$258 - $282
Minimum Age: 13

Fall Lower Gauley & New River 2 Day Package


Scenic canyons and fall colors highlight our two favorite river sections on this whitewater package. You’ll spend two full days, one on the Lower New and one on the Lower Gauley. Hot buffet meals included.

DAY 1: Fall Lower Gauley All-Day
DAY 2: Lower New All-Day

Rates Ranging From:
$216 - $310
Minimum Age: 15

Fall Upper & Lower Gauley 2 Day Package

Lower Gauley River

It just keeps going and going -- over two full days you’ll paddle 26 miles of the world’s wildest whitewater. We’re cooking so you can spend your time just having fun.

DAY 1: Fall Upper Gauley All-Day
DAY 2: Fall Lower Gauley All-Day

Rates Ranging From:
$226 - $370
Minimum Age: 15

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