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ATV Tours in West Virginia | ACE Adventure Resort

ATV Tours in West Virginia | ACE Adventure Resort
Team Building Mud Obstacle Course | ACE Adventure Resort
Rock Climbing and Rappelling in West Virginia GoPro HD POV
A Mud Obstacle Race at ACE
A Mud Obstacle Race at ACE
134 sec.
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Awesome Lake Toys in West Virginia
Zip Line Through The Trees at ACE Adventure Resort: Helmet Cam View
Shoot Paintball Like A Pro in West Virginia: HD GoPro Hero Cams
Mountain Bike Group Ride Every Week At ACE: GoPro HD Hero Cams

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Games for the Road

Games for the Road - We know that packing a bunch of peole together in the car can be a [mildly] stressful affair. Download our Road Games and make your journey to ACE just as special and memorable as the time you spend doing our adventure activities.



Get answers to the questions you have about ACE Adventure Resort and what sets us apart from the competition.

Why should I raft with ACE?

Do you have restroom facilities?

Do you have a store?

Are there hidden costs?

Can I fly in?

I have to play golf at least every other day.

Can I fish?

Do you offer trip cancellation insurance?

Can I bring my dog?

How close is the New River Gorge National Park?

How close is New River?

What if I am late for my trip?

What should I bring?

What should I wear?

What if the weather is bad?

When should I arrive?

What should I do when I arrive?

What will the weather and river be like?

Why should I raft with ACE?

ACE began in 1980 with the concept of combining safety, customer service, and innovation. That unique combination has enabled us to remain the #1 outfitter on the New and Gauley rivers and featured on the Travel Channel as “North America’s Largest Adventure Resort.” Our guides are trained professionals from all walks of life. All are certified in First Aid and CPR and many of our trip leaders have become certified as Wilderness First Responders.

ACE Adventure Resort is unmatched with its diverse array of adventure activities. We provide rock climbing, ATV tours, zip line tours, mountain biking, fishing, horseback riding, a mud obstacle course and team building on our 1,500-acre resort. We offer many more water-based activities on local rivers and lakes.

We know that we can accommodate more guests than all of the other local outfitters combined with our many rustic and deluxe lodging choices. Our lodging consists of 40-pluse deluxe cabins with hot tubs. Our rustic lodging selection consists of 25 Cabin Tents, 5 Bunk Houses, 3 Ranch Houses, 3 Woodside Bunks, 10 Cedar Cabins and campsites galore.

Do you have restroom facilities?

ACE has eight shower or restroom facilities. We have over 70 showers on the property. ACE is the only outfitter to provide more than trees during lunch on the normal Lower New trip, the Lower Gauley, and the Upper Gauley. Toilets are available at the putin for the Lower Gauley and the Lower New. The Army Corps of Engineers maintains facilities at Summersville Dam. Toilets are available at the takeouts of all trips.
Do you have a store?

ACE has two stores. The camp store is located at our front entrance and provides firewood, drinks, ice cream and other camping supplies. Our main store is located adjacent to the main meeting area between the Dining Hall and the departure point. Many T-shirts, sandals, maps, books and other mementos can be found here.
Are there hidden costs?

Any guide gratuities and optional equipment rental are generally considered extra although they can be arranged for in advance.
Can I fly in?

Yeager International Airport in Charleston, WV (not Charleston, SC) and Beckley, WV have commercial airports with car rentals. Charleston is your best bet. It has several car rental agencies and is located about one hour and fifteen minutes from us. Small private planes can fly into Raleigh County Airport (rental cars available) or New River Gorge or Summersville airports. The private fields do not have car rentals but we are usually able to help.
I have to play golf at least every other day.

Bridge Haven (18 hole) is only 5 minutes away.
Can I fish?

You can fish in one of our stocked lakes without a license. If you are on an overnight camping trip by the river you can also fish but you must have a state license. Wal Mart is open until 11pm daily and is only 10 minutes away. You can get a license there.
Do you offer trip cancellation insurance?

No. Check with your insurance provider, you may consider some sort of vacation insurance that will cover additional risks.
Can I bring my dog?

Sorry but no. We would like to accommodate you but we have no kennel. In the past guests tied the dog at the campsite or left them in cars with predictable results when the sun hit or the dog barked all day to the annoyance of other guests.
How close is the New River Gorge National Park and how close is New River?

The Ace Adventure Center is bordered by several thousand feet of New River shoreline and 251 acres of the Center is located inside the Park. The main Park hiking and biking trail goes through our property. The main triathlon is held on both Park and ACE property.
What if I am late for my trip?

It depends. If you are late for a Fall Gauley trip you will probably forfeit your trip. We are usually able to accommodate you if you are late for the New River but at times you may forfeit that trip also. In any case the earlier we know of your problems the more we can do to help your situation. For example, others may be late also and we may be able to put together a whole new trip or we may be able to take you in at another access point.
What should I bring?

ACE provides all your river safety equipment...paddle, PFD, and helmet. In addition to bringing your river clothes, you may want to bring a hat, sunscreen, old sneakers for the river, sunglasses, etc. You'll need a change of clothes for after the trip, dry shoes, shampoo, towel, etc. Whatever you bring on the river WILL get wet! Do not take anything on the river that you do not want to lose!
What should I wear?

In warm weather, you won't need more than a swimsuit, sneakers, and a hat. You might bring a light windbreaker in case of rain. In cool weather, wear wool or synthetic clothing...these will keep you warm when they're wet. Cotton WILL NOT keep you warm when it's wet! Bring a couple of pairs of wool socks, a wool toboggan hat, and a nylon windbreaker. For extremely cold days, and for the Summer Gauley, ACE rents pile-lined wet suits which will keep you warm in any weather. The most important thing to remember is not to wear anything made of cotton when the weather is cool.
What if the weather is bad?

All activities go regardless of weather unless we deem the conditions to be unsafe.A full refund for the activitiy will be made if we decide to cancel the trip. We rarely cancel trips (maybe two days in 25 years) but we do reserve the right to move to another river or river section depending on water levels.
When should I arrive?

Your trip time is your DEPARTURE TIME! It's very important that you arrive far enough ahead of your trip time to allow for breakfast, check-in, and/or wet suit rental. If you are not ready to go when your trip departs, you may miss the bus...and the trip. We recommend the following time allowances:

Breakfast, check-in, and wet suit rental.....arrive 90 minutes prior to your trip time.

Breakfast and check-in............................arrive 60 minutes prior to your trip time.

Check-in and wet suit rental*....................arrive 60 minutes prior to your trip time.

Check-in only (no breakfast)....................arrive 30 minutes prior to your trip time.

If you have a large group, they may need additional time to get ready, so plan accordingly and allow sufficient time.

*Wet suits are recommended for Spring trips, Fall trips, and Summer Gauley River Trips.
What should I do when I arrive?

Guests with lodging, camping, rock climbing, kayaking, or other off river activities should stop and check in at the welcome center. River trip guests should check in at the Big Top Tent or if arriving in the spring season check-in is at ACE Mountain Sports.
I am going rafting on (some day soon) what will the weather be like and what will the river conditions be?

River and weather conditions vary from week to week and day to day. For up to date information watch the weather forecasts for West Virginia and the surrounding area.



Find out why ACE is the safest company on the water.

What if someone does happen to get hurt?

Will we have to sign waivers?

Is it safe?

I can’t swim.

Are your employees drug tested?

Do you carry telephones?

What if I am pregnant?

I am in a wheelchair. Can I go?

I am blind. Can I go?

Can you accommodate my medical condition?

Do all the boats have guides?

Are you licensed by the county or state?

What if someone does happen to get hurt?

We spare no expense in case of an injury and we make every effort to ensure a safe trip. However, these are risk related activities and injury may occur to you or to your personal belongings. We do carry limited first aid supplies and are trained in first aid and CPR. We carry communication devices and can usually call for evacuation if necessary. Costs of evacuation, especially via helicopter or ambulance, are the responsibility of the injured. We provide no medical or evacuation insurance.
Will we have to sign waivers?

Yes. Everyone will sign an unaltered waiver or you won't be permitted to go on the trip. Waivers almost identical to ACE's have been upheld in the Federal Court in West Virginia and in the U.S. Southeast Court of Appeals. The waivers should be carefully read. The Trip Leader will explain any part of it that you may not understand. Minors must sign their own waivers and both parents must also sign.
Is the trip safe?

All outdoor sports carry risks. Our guides are extensively trained to deal with emergencies. We carry either radios or cell phones on all trips. There are places in the gorges that these devices are unreliable so rescue is not always immediate and may take several hours. Due to our size we are able to provide resources smaller outfitters can not. For example we maintain 100% radio coverage at our base. Sometimes everyone at a smaller outfitter has to be on the road or river.

You can help enhance safety by being in shape for the trip. Drugs and alcohol are illegal on the river. Guests with medical problems should make these known to the Trip Leader. Pregnant women should not go on the river unless your doctor approves it. Guests suffering from asthma should be aware that cold water can be a severe hindrance to their breathing. Lunch spots sometimes attract bees and some guests are allergic to them. We provide no medications. If you are allergic to bees please bring your own medicine. Guests that get short of breath should not go on the Upper Gauley.

The University of Colorado studied rafting safety for the years from 1990 to 1997. This was a high growth period in which rafting increased 31%. The methodology used in this study was to compare the incidence of fatalities on professionally guided rafting trips to that of other common activities. The fatalities from rafting were converted to a rate per 100,000 user days. This is a common form of comparison used by the National Safety Council and the National Center for Health Statistics.

Fifteen rivers were surveyed. These included the New and Gauley Rivers.

The University determined that the total fatalities (drowning and health related) during this time period was 0.23 fatalities per 100,000 user days. That is 1 death occurred per 428,953 user days. The average rate from drowning per 100,000 user days is 0.15 or 1 death per 674,069 user days. Non drowning deaths, encompassing heart attacks, respiratory problems, and other health problems, resulted in 0.08 deaths per 100,000 or 1 death per 1,179,621 user days.
I can't swim.

Many of our guests can't swim but everyone will be wearing personal flotation devices at all times that they are on the river. These Coast Guard approved devices are designed to float you face up.
Are your employees drug tested?

Our employees engaged in a safety related position are subject to drug tests. At present the only employees tested are bus drivers. They are tested for drug and alcohol use on a random basis.
Do you carry telephones?

Sometimes we carry cell phones but we have found that two way radios are more effective. Several radio repeater towers have been installed for river usage and we operate over four of these towers. Cell phones do not yet provide the coverage of radios in the gorges.
What if I am pregnant?

We have taken pregnant women on the river but only under doctor's advise. Women in advance stage of pregnancy should not even think about going on the river.
I am in a wheelchair and have no use of my legs. Can I go?

Yes! We take several paraplegics each year. There is no reason you can't enjoy rafting. Please let us know in advance and let us know if you have other special requirements.
I am blind. Can I go?

Yes! It is best if you come with a group of friends. We have one blind guest that comes every year. You should arrange to go during normal flows. Avoid the high water in the spring.
Can you accommodate my medical condition?

Please reconsider your decision to come rafting if you have heart, lung or back problems, asthma (cold water is a severe hindrance to breathing), brain surgery, obesity, or osteoporosis or any bone weakening disease. Most other medical problems can be accommodated but you will be responsible for your own medication. We will not supply any medication including aspirin.
Are you licensed by the county or state?

ACE holds multiple licenses from the State of West Virginia for water activities and permits from the National Park Service for mountain biking and climbing. The county issues licenses (and inspections) for our kitchen and dining facilities, bathing beach, and camp ground. The State Alcoholic Beverage Commission regulates liquor or beer sales.

On River

Frequently Asked Questions for River Trips

Get answers to all of your rafting questions here.

Can I just hold on?

Will we have lunch on the river?

Is the lunch hot?

What are the age limits?

Can my group stay together?

Will everyone have an oar?

What if it snows six inches and is 32 degrees?

I would like a photo of my trip.

Can I get a video of my trip?

Can I bring my camera?

I have never taken off my wedding band.

Can you accommodate my group size?

What size raft should I go in?

What kind of boats do you use?

Can I go in a ducky?

Can I request a particular guide?

What will be my trip time and what does it mean?

Do you have restroom facilities?

Can I fish?

Can I just hold on?

Not on our normal trips. You will have a paddle and will be expected to work as part of the team. You will not have to paddle on our Cruise or fishing trips.
Will we have lunch on the river?
Is the lunch hot?

We make every effort to make sure the lunch is a hot lunch that is grilled but sometimes we are forced to provide a preheated lunch when it is not possible to use a grill. During a hot late summer trip, we may provide a refreshingly cool deli lunch. Summer Gauley and Upper New trips are usually deli lunches.

On normal days lunch will be on the river - usually at one of our facilities. If the day is extremely cold we will eat back at our heated Dining Hall or arrange to have a heated bus available near the lunch site. This is generally the case on trips like a Double Lower. If the day is cold but you really want to eat along the river just let us know.

Lunch on the Upper Gauley really sets us apart. We eat overlooking Sweets Falls. This is the premier rapid on the Upper Gauley and the action is sure to keep you excited.
What are the age limits?

ACE can take 6 year olds on the Upper New. There is no upper age limit. However we are restricted by size. We can take no one that has a chest size larger than 56 inches due to lack of US Coast Guard approved personal flotation devices of that size. Similarly the youth must be at least 56 inches tall to help ensure a proper fit.

Additionally, we try to describe each of our trips in good detail so as to discourage those individuals that are out of shape. This is especially important on the Summer and Fall Upper Gauley.
Can my group stay together?

It depends. A group of seven on a regular trip will be in the same raft except in the rare instance (less than once per year) where it is a very low use day and your group would have to be divided to even up the rafts. That is, for example, if we had a group of seven and a single individual, we would split the group of seven into three and four with the individual placed with the group of three.

Other than that we can guarantee your group of seven will stay together. Groups of eight or nine can go in a larger boat by advance special request. While we offer trips with larger boats at special discounts, if we arrange for a larger boat on a regular trip there will be no discount. Larger groups will go together on the same trip. Groups of more than sixty will probably go in waves. That is a six raft group will leave every 15 minutes or so. This allows the group to eat lunch together and to arrange evening activities together. Groups of more than two but less than seven may be split up.
Will everyone have an oar?

Generally no one will have an oar. An oar is about 9 feet long and they are used in pairs. Most of our rafts are paddle powered and everyone is expected to help paddle. Some of our cruise and fishing trips will have the guide using oars but the guest never does.
Do all the boats have guides?

No! But all rafts on the Gauley and Lower New will have guides in them. Also, the New and Gauley ducky trips will have guides along on the trip but the duckies are individually paddled.

What if it snows six inches and is 32 degrees?

We go. Most of the time we will try to contact you if extremely bad conditions are expected and will try to arrange a different day for your trip. We have a complete line of neoprene wetsuits including over 800 suits, hundreds of booties, wetsuit and nylon jackets and a limited supply of gloves. For no extra charge we will outfit you in a second larger wetsuit. Lunch would be served after the trip in the heated Dining Hall.
I would like to have a photo of that trip.

All our trips are photographed by Whitewater Photography, a division of Leisure Sports Photography. They are an independent company and can be contacted at (304) 574-2338 -  8 x 10 photos of your trip will be available by the time you return to base.
Can I get a video of my trip?

Yes. You can be assured of getting a video if you prepay for several. Most of our trips are videoed but a few are not. We have a limited number of video boaters and may not be able to cover every trip. Video boaters are not always easy to find as they participate in lots of kayak races and kayak rodeos during the season.
Can I bring my camera?

Only if it is waterproof and you don't mind losing it. We will not provide a waterproof container for it because all containers depend upon how well they seal and the seals frequently give way.
I have never taken off my wedding band and I won't for this trip.

That is admirable but perhaps foolish. Fingers shrivel after a day of paddling and rings will and often do fall off. If you must wear your wedding band please tape over it so it won't fall off. No jewelry should be worn. Contact lenses can also be lost.
Can you accommodate my group size?

We can handle groups up to 600 guests before joining with another outfitter to help you. We have never heard of a group too large.
What size raft should I go in?

Most of our competitors go in sixteen foot long rafts. These rafts hold nine guests. Therefore the guest to guide ratio is 9:1. Our standard raft is a fourteen foot long raft that holds seven guests in a 7:1 ratio. The 7:1 ratio provides for better guest/guide interaction and the raft is more maneuverable. The 9:1 lowers the cost per guest. If you are on a budget you should go in the 16 foot boat (we have a fleet of these which have been designed for us) but the better ride is in the 14 foot boat. If you have been before you can also book the 12 foot rafts. You should understand that these 12 foot boats provide extreme trips and you are very, very likely to swim.
What kind of boats do you use?

Most of our rafts are fourteen foot, 8 chambered, self-bailing, rubber rafts. We have a fleet of sixteen foot, 9 chambered, self-bailing, rubber rafts to accommodate groups of 8 or 9 that want to stay together and for those desiring a milder trip or a budget trip. For those extreme types among you we have twelve foot, 7 chambered, self bailing, rubber rafts. These are much less stable and many flips occur in these. These give the maximum action. We also have duckies which are generally four chambered individually powered inflatable kayaks.
Can I go in a ducky?

On some trips. Duckies are illegal on the lower New River and on the Upper Gauley above a flow of 1100 cubic feet per second. Duckies are legal on the mild Upper New and on our Summer Gauley trips at lower flows. While 10 year olds can go on the Upper New in their own ducky you should be in extremely good shape to go on the Upper Gauley. This is the country's best and most exciting ducky trip.
Can I request a particular guide?

Yes and the request should be made at the time the reservation is made. Remember that many of our guides have the same first name and that our reservationists may not have met all the guides. Also, some guides are requested more than a year in advance. On some occasions the earliest request might not be honored. For example, we have some groups that have been going with the same guide for years and they have developed an understanding between them.



We can provide you with photos to help make your story more captivating. Web-ready photos are freely available on the ACE Adventure Resort Flickr Photostream. To obtain digital negative or RAW files of high-resolution photography for print, contact the ACE marketing department at ace@aceraft.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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{overview video}

Fact Sheet

ACE Fact Sheet

ACE Adventure Resort is West Virginia's largest whitewater rafting outfitter.

In 2009, ACE reported 37,924 rafting users to the state's Department of Natural Resources (which regulates rafting companies), representing about 27% of all rafting guests industry-wide.

ACE's rafting user numbers have increased steadily since 1999, when the resort took 25,255 users rafting on the New and Gauley rivers.

ACE Adventure Resort is North America's largest outdoor adventure resort, and one of the largest in the world, according to the Travel Channel's "Extreme Resorts" program. ACE Adventure Resort comprises 1,500 acres along West Virginia's New River Gorge.

ACE offers 17 activities that include whitewater rafting, zip line canopy tours, ATV rides, horseback riding, rock climbing, mountain biking, kayaking clinic, swimming, paintball, a mud obstacle course, 5-acre adventure lake and beach, fishing, a teambuilding tower ropes course and New River Gorge Bridge Catwalk Tours. The resort also has 40 horses on location for horseback riding on resort trails.

ACE runs whitewater rafting trips on the New River and on the Gauley River. ACE is the only outfitter that runs rafting trips on the Gauley through spring, summer and fall (most companies run the river during fall Gauley Season, when dam-released water flows are guaranteed).

ACE hosts numerous events throughout the year, including endurance races such as the XTERRA Triathlon, Odyssey Adventure Race, and an all-military Wilderness Challenge, and countless family reunions, school and church trips.

ACE Adventure Resort's employee base is seasonal, with as many as hundreds of employees during the summer peak.

ACE Adventure Resort's camping and lodging can host as many as 1,500 guests at a time.

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History Of ACE

History of ACE Adventure Resort

The property that ACE now occupies was once a favored hunting and fishing retreat of President Harry S. Truman. The former strip mine surrounded by wooded forest was bought by ACE owners in 1988. There were only three buildings on the property when ACE took residence: the house Truman stayed in when visiting, an A-frame for the Secret Service contingent and a small lodge structure near one of the property's five lakes. The lodge was expanded to a present day dining facility.

ACE began operation in 1980 out of a rented room at the old Chuckwagon Motel, where the two original owners met up with vacationers before raft trips. The company bought four rafts from Wildwater Expeditions Unlimited, the first whitewater rafting outfitter to make a trip down the Gauley River. Original ACE owner Ernie Kincaid began kayaking on the New River as a teenager in 1969, one year after the first rafting company successfully made it down the river, and would follow rafters down in his kayak.

In 1988, ACE started building a full-scale resort on its present day property. ACE has pushed to innovate in the outdoor vacation industry ever since. At that time, the company was known as ACE Adventure Center. ACE aggressively expanded activity offerings and trip variations, including being among the first rafting companies to offer self-bailing boats in the 1990s. ACE also constructed West Virginia's first zip line canopy tour, opened to the public in 2008. In addition, ACE owns and operates an outdoor gear retail outlet, the ACE Adventure Gear Shoppe in the New River Gorge.

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Whitewater In WV

History of Whitewater Rafting in West Virginia

Adventurers have been rafting West Virginia whitewater for the past 40-plus years, and have watched as the industry exploded into a multi-million dollar industry and then began to wane in the 2000s.

Whitewater rafting in West Virginia started with a few paddlers on the New River in canoes. Paul Davidson and Bob Burrell started to canoe mountain rivers in 1965, and were soon introduced to closed boats and the Cheat, Yough, New and Gauley Rivers by eastern paddlers such as John Sweet (for whom the Gauley rapid Sweet's Falls is named).

The early pioneers of the now professionalized rafting industry in West Virginia were college-age kids looking for fun and thrills, and were the first to put a raft on the river.

The family most associated with early whitewater rafting in West Virginia and the eastern United States were the Dragans, led by entrepreneur Jon Dragan, along with brothers Tom and Chris, and Jon's then-girlfriend and later wife Melanie (who still works for ACE Adventure Resort). They left the Youghiogheny River in Pennsylvania for the New, which at the industry's peak would have about 20 companies working the river. Chris Dragan was 15 when they started taking friends down the river in 1968; the oldest among them was 24 at the time.

The family launched Wildwater Expeditions Unlimited, hiring guides and housing them at Thurmond. Each guide was asked to write a research paper on history local to the New River Gorge, meant to provide them stories to entertain guests on trips down the river.

The Dragans' company in 1968 was only the third of its kind in the United States. They started with a few pickup trucks and four Army surplus rafts that they used to maneuver friends down the river. At the time, the banks wouldn't give them the $4,000 needed for the equipment, so they borrowed the money from family.

In those early days, guides often had to pull over to scout the best possible route down the river. There were no landmarks charted or named rapids, and so the Dragans named the rapids according to their character, after geographical location or some memorable event. The next two decades would see an industry boom, and in 1994 upwards of 200,000 people paddled whitewater in West Virginia, pumping millions of dollars into local economies.

By 1991, a Whitewater Advisory Board composed of whitewater rafting company officials, private paddlers, private citizens and consumers, fishery officials and the National Park Service was created to deal with whitewater issues including setting the number of commercial passengers that could be allowed on West Virginia rivers to prevent overcrowding.

In 2009, ACE Adventure Resort purchased Wildwater Expeditions Unlimited. In 2010, Wildwater still operates as an individual rafting company, based at ACE Adventure Resort's facilities.

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News Archive

ACE News Archive

July 19, 2010: Zip Line Canopy Tour Sees 10,000th Guest At ACE Adventure Resort


April 26, 2010: ACE Raft Guide Numbers and Training Increase


April 19, 2010: ACE To See 10,000th Zip Line Canopy Tour Visitor This Summer


April 5, 2010: ACE Adventure Resort To Hold 2nd Annual July 4 Blob Big Air Contest


March 31, 2010: ACE Adventure Resort Vacation Bookings See Massive Surge Following Heavy Winter


January 18, 2010: 2009 Numbers Keep ACE Adventure Resort On Top Of Industry


October 6, 2009: U.S. Soldiers To Test Determination In West Virginia Adventure Race


April 1, 2009: Outfitter To Give Away 30 Years Of Free Rafting


March 12, 2009: Rafting Outfitter Blogs To Bring Fans Outdoors


August 19, 2008: Winners Take All As Surfin' Sunday Returns


July 22, 2008: ATV Tours Join ACE Adventure Resort Line-Up


May 7, 2008: ACE Adventure Resort Adds Canopy Tour For '08


April 4, 2008: West Virginia Adventure Resort Announces 2008 Calendar Of Races


ACE On The Web

ACE On The Web

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You might Have read about ACE in:

The Washington Post (Sept. 24, 2010) — Escapes: Ace Adventure Resort in W.Va. offers camping, rafting and more

Because We Care

Here at ACE, we take our customer feedback very seriously.

Thank you for your recent visit to ACE Adventure Resort. We know planning a group trip can be challenging. To assist us in providing better tools to organize your next stay with us, please take a moment to provide valuable feedback on your ACE experience.

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Want To Learn More?

Our friendly staff can answer your questions and send you additional materials so you know about everything ACE has to offer.

If you are interested in what we do here at ACE adventure Resort then you can request a promotional DVD or other information.

Phone: 1.800.787.3982 or 304.469.2651

Email: ace@aceraft.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

If you would like an ACE Adventure Resort Informational DVD, Calendar, or Catalog please fill out the form below. We will send the information to you immediately!

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Wetsuit Rentals

Dress For The River

Dress For The River

With a little planning you can ensure that your whitewater experience will be the best possible.  The first rule of thumb is to prepare for the worst case scenario.  A typical raft trip exposes guests to the elements most of the day – in the mountains, even with favorable forecasts, sometimes less-then-ideal weather conditions can occur without notice.

Summer Rafting (June through August)

Typically, a swim suit (and shorts), t-shirt, baseball cap, sunglasses with a strap and tennis shoes will keep you comfortable most days.  Sunburns are usually the real issue.  Wear sunscreen!  We recommend a high SPF or total block, waterproof sunscreen.  It should be applied several times during a trip.  Lip balm (SPF) is another good idea (read below).  On overcast or rainy days we recommend a light rain jacket (paddling jackets are available for rent).  Bulky ponchos are not recommended.
If you are planning a summer Gauley trip – the water can get chilly at times so we recommend wetsuits and jackets – ask your guide.

Spring / Fall Rafting

These are the times of the year that the water and weather is usually a little cooler and you need to be prepared.  It also means higher water levels and more splashes.  Do not wear cotton!  It stays wet and keeps you cold.  We recommend synthetic materials or lightweight wool (read below), neoprene wetsuits and paddling jackets.  ACE offers “farmer john” (sleeveless) wetsuits, long-sleeve wetsuit jackets and neoprene booties for rent.  All ACE wetsuits are sanitized after each use and stored in warm super-heated facility.  Synthetic, wool or neoprene gloves are a good idea, as well as a ski cap (or swimmer cap).  A little investment in comfort goes a long way to ensure a great experience.
Guides do have dry bags to keep items dry, but space is limited.  Pack smart – there is no room for towels or bulky clothes.  Leave all jewelry and wallets in your car.  Bring only waterproof, disposable cameras that you can secure.  Water bottles that can be secured are a nice treat.

Be Prepared

Be Prepared

Bring clothes that can be worn under or on top of others.  Layering allows you to adjust quickly to changing weather by adding or subtracting layers.  Loose, fast drying, durable clothing is best for rafting.  We recommend the following materials because they are compact and made to keep you warm and comfortable through a range of temperatures and conditions.

Polypropylene (Polypro) or capilene are synthetic materials that wick the moisture away from the skin and dry fast – they are a real blessing on white water rafting trips. Wool, while considered the traditional outdoor fabric because it has insulating properties even when wet, however, it doesn’t dry out as fast as synthetic fabrics.  Synthetic underwear (shirt and pants) are essential as the first layer in cool or wet conditions.

Fleece is a synthetic material that is heavier than polypro.  It makes an excellent mid-layer in cool or wet weather.  Bring a jacket or sweater in these fabrics in cooler weather.

Cotton should NOT be worn during cool or wet weather since wet cotton holds water and lowers body temperature.  Cotton is recommended for hot weather only!  Light colors reflect the sun better than dark colors.

Rainwear: A rain jacket and pants form an outer shell to protect you and the under layers of clothing from the wind and spray from the rapids as well as from storms.  Coated nylon or breathable fabrics such as Gore-Tex are best.  Ponchos are bulky and dangerous so they are not recommended.

Neoprene Wetsuits are bomber for rafting.  When wet, they heat a thin layer of water between you and the suit, keeping you warm.  Wearing a swim suit under them is recommended.  The farmer john style is the most comfortable and should be worn with a paddling jacket or rain jacket.  A long sleeved top of polypro or fleece add needed warmth.

Feet: Your feet will be wet all day.  You will find guides and fellow guests in tennis shoes, wetsuit booties with soles, and river sandals.  Closed shoes do offer the most foot protection while on the river and, if worn with synthetic, wool or neoprene wetsuit socks, they can help insulate your feet when the water is cold.  Velcro sandals or flip-flops get sucked off your feet in the water and are not recommended.

Hands: Gloves in cooler temperatures are a good idea.  Use synthetic, wool or neoprene (best) material.  Leather work gloves don’t work well in the water.

Head: 45 percent of all heat lost is from your head!  Anything you wear must fit comfortable under a helmet (required).  Baseball caps are great in the summer.  Synthetic or wool caps are best in cooler temperatures.

Sunglasses: During the summer months the sun can get intense on the river.  Make sure your glasses are UV protected and have an adjustable strap (available at our outfitter s’store).

Sunburns: The sun and wind can take a toll on exposed areas.  The water will magnify the suns reflection.  We have seen too many people enjoy a great experience on the river only to live in unnecessary pain that night with bad A sunburn!  USE SUNSCREEN!  We recommend a total block (45 SPF or greater) waterproof sunscreen.  Apply it several times during the day.  Read all medications you are taking – some will increase your chances of sunburn!

Valuables: Don’t take them on the river!  We recommend that you not wear jewelry (earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, etc.) and that you keep wallets and cameras in your car.  Waterproof, deposable cameras that can be secured are ok.  If you must take medication with you on the river, inform your guide so that they can properly secure them for you and know about your medical conditions.  ACE provides a key basket so your car keys will be locked away while you’re on the river.

Rental Gear

Available Wetsuit Options

what_to_wear {image}

Farmer John: Your wetsuit ensemble begins with this item. On those warm days on a cold river ( like September on the Fall Gauley), this item, along with a nylon windbreaker, will keep you comfortable. Plus, it will give you the additional flotation and protection from rocks that any smart rafter demands. It's sleeveless for ease of motion, so on colder days you'll need to rent a long-sleeved jacket.

Neoprene Long-Sleeved Jacket: On really cool days, or if you're 'cold-natured' person, this jacket makes the difference. It adds sleeves to your Farmer John wetsuit, plus an extra layer of thick, warm neoprene. Even with all this rubber, it's still a good idea to wear a set of synthetic long underwear next to your skin.

Nylon Splash Jacket: This jacket is perfect for those days that are not cold enough for the neoprene jacket. The Splash Jacket's long sleeves and tight neoprene collar and cuffs protect you from splashing water and wind. This jacket also serves well if it rains. You can always remove it if the day turns our warmer than expected. Remember that you are responsible for all rental items, so keep track of any clothing you take off.

Neoprene Booties: Cold feet make for a miserable day. Even if the air temperature is warm, don't forget that the Fall Gauley water is quite chilly. Even the small amount of water in the bottom of a slef-bailing raft can keep your feet soaked. Booties are a good idea any time you're rafting on cold water. Booties work best when combined with one or more pairs of wool or acrylic socks worn under the booties.

On cold days, you should wear additional clothing along with the wetsuit to stay comfortable.  A good layering system:

1.    “Farmer John” wetsuit (available for rent at ACE)
2.    Synthetic long underwear or swimsuit under your wetsuit
3.    Synthetic/wool sweater for additional warmth
4.    Nylon windbreaker (splash jackets available for rent)
5.    Synthetic/wool socks under your booties (booties available for rent)
6.    Neoprene/wool gloves and a ski cap to keep your extremities warm
7.    Sunglasses with Glasses Strap
8.    Towel and Dry Set of Clothes (leave them in your vehicle at the trip departure area, so they'll be waiting for you when you return from the river.)
9.    Don't Wear Cotton!  This material creates "evaporative heat loss."  It wicks heat away from your body. It does not dry quickly.
10.  Don't panic if you forget something.  Our outfitters’ store keeps the basics on hand to ensure your raft trip is the best ever.

Why Wear A Wetsuit?

Reasons to Wear a Wetsuit

Wetsuits are the core layer in a layering system principle.  A wetsuit keeps a thin layer of water trapped between it and your body that super heats to help keep you warm.  The suit material, known as neoprene, is made up of millions of air pockets that provide insulation from the cold water.  The "farmer john" style wetsuits (full body and sleeveless), the long-sleeved neoprene jackets, neoprene booties, and nylon splash jackets are available for rent at ACE.

Wetsuits, booties and splash jackets are strongly recommended for spring New River trips, Summer Gauley trips and all fall Gauley trips.  Each wetsuit is sanitized after every use and heat-dried for your comfort.
1.   First, and most important, they keep your core WARM!

We recommend wetsuits when you are on the Gauley River – either during Fall Gauley Season or Summer Gauley trips.  The outflow water temperature from the Summersville Dam averages 50ºf.  We recommend wetsuits in the Spring and Fall - weather is unpredictable with fluctuating air temperatures, and quickly changing weather conditions.
2.    Second, they provide extra flotation.

Filled with millions of tiny insulating air pockets, wetsuits are naturally buoyant. In the event of a swim, they provide a little extra flotation to keep you closer to the water's surface.
3.  Third, they protect your body from rock abrasions.

The extra layer of a wetsuit can be a great buffer between you and the river rocks, should you encounter them.


Wetsuit Package Rental Rates Per Person Per Day

Wetsuit, Nylon Splash Jacket, Booties    $20
Wetsuit, Neoprene Jacket, Booties         $22
Wetsuit, Nylon Splash Jacket                 $17
Wetsuit, Neoprene Jacket                      $20

A-la-Carte Rentals

Neoprene Jacket                                 $7
Wetsuit                                              $15
Nylon Jacket                                       $5
Booties                                              $5

How to Rent a Wetsuit

1.   Check in under the Big Top Tent.
2.   Wetsuits can only be rented after you have checked in for your trip.
3.   Decide on which items to rent.
4.   Fill out the form you will be given at check-in.
5.   Decide how and where to pay for your rental.
6.   You may use cash or a credit card to pay for your wetsuit rental. (If you would like to use a reservation credit to pay for wetsuits, you must pay in our outfitters store.)
7.   During Fall Gauley Season, you may pay at the Wetsuit Rental Area, unless you are using a reservation credit to pay for your rental. All other times of year, you will pay in our outfitters store.
8.   Take the form to the Wetsuit Rental Area to obtain the items you are renting.

Returning your wetsuit:

- After your trip, please return your wetsuit and jacket inside-out.
- Wetsuits must be returned within 30 minutes after your bus returns to base or you will be charged for another day's rental.

Policies and Procedures for Whitewater Rafting and Adventure Activities


Essential Eligibility Criteria:

There are some nondiscriminating essential eligibility criteria that all participants have to meet. In some cases these responsibilities can be met with the assistance of a companion.
For raft trips each participant must have the ability to:

- Wear all protective equipment recommended/required by industry standards.
- Enter and exit the raft independently or with the assistance of a companion.
- Remain seated and balanced with the use of adaptive equipment, which does not fundamentally alter the activity, if necessary. Adaptive equipment cannot impede nor lessen the effectiveness of the safety procedures or equipment. No one may be strapped nor belted into a water craft.
- In the event of capsize: get out from under the water craft, remain face up in the water with the aid of a personal flotation device, and identify and make progress to and ascend upon the shoreline.
- For trips including overnight camping: mobility about the campsite independently or with the assistance of a companion.
- Refrain from illegal drug or alcohol use for at least six hours before the trip.
- Participants must be able to access the New River put-in at Cunard with or without the assistance of a companion; this consists of about fifty steps. While a bypass road exists we are frequently unable to obtain the gate combination from the National Park Service.
- At least one person in duckies must have the ability to move it through the water in a stable manner.
Physical Condition & Experience

Whitewater rafting and related adventure activities require individual participation.  The level of physical activity differs with each trip.  As the difficulty level of the adventure increases, so do the risks and physical demands.  Please discuss your group’s needs and goals with an ACE Adventure Resort Consultant so we can help you choose the right trip.
NOTE: Persons with epilepsy may not participate on horse rides. Please contact our stables at 888-743-3982 for more information.
Minimum Ages & Sizes

- Minimum age requirement is listed with each activity.
- The Lower New minimum height is 56”.  This requirement allows a person’s foot to touch the floor and tuck his toes under the raft’s cross tube. For the Upper Gauley, the minimum height is 60” (under the age of 18) due to the extreme nature of this river section.
- Minimum chest size of a Coast Guard approved Type V PFD is 24”. Less than 24” and the PFD will not fit snugly, thus the person may not participate.
- Maximum chest size for a Coast Guard approved Type V PFD is 54”.
- For your safety, ACE reserves the right to change age requirements, river section, or river if unusual water levels occur.  Size, maturity, and experience may warrant an age exception.  Please call to discuss options.
- For horseback riding, maximum weight is 250 lbs. unless rider is over 6’ tall. Minimum weight is 60 lbs., and minimum height is 50”.  To discuss options, email: info@ridewva.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Things to Consider Before Rafting:

While on your raft trip, you may be several hours away from professional medical help. While many of our guides and Trip Leaders have advanced qualifications, such as Wilderness First Responder, Wilderness First Aid, EMT, RN,as well as Multimedia First Aid and CPR, they may not be equipped to deal with your specific medical problem. Remember that you are responsible for your own safety at all times while on your trip and you must come prepared for dealing with any physical problems you may have.

Please remember that, in accordance with West Virginia state law, you are required to inform both your guide and your trip leader of any medications you are carrying and of any physical or psychological problems that may affect your safety or that of the trip.

We do not administer drugs..even aspirin...because of possible reactions.
Potentially Serious Medical Problems or Conditions
We've prepared the following list of potentially serious medical problems or conditions that are frequently found among our rafters. The list is NOT all-inclusive and you should get your doctor’s advice if you wonder whether you are physically and psychologically capable of taking a wilderness whitewater raft trip.

This is a disease in which bones become fragile and more likely to break. Any bone can be affected but of special concern are fractures of the hip and spine.

Women are four times more likely than men to develop osteoporosis. See http://www.nof.org/ for more information.

Rafting involves sudden movements of the raft as it is pushed by waves, bounced over (or into) rocks, etc. People get bumps and bruises and even lacerations from paddles, coolers, D-rings and valves on the raft, etc. Bones can be broken and this risk increases in cases of osteoporosis. Smoking hinders the bones ability to heal. If you have osteoporosis, we recommend that you restrict your rafting activities to the Upper New River.
Physical and Psychological Impairments to Swimming

On rafting trips, people are often thrown from the raft in turbulent water. Rafting is not a good way of overcoming fear of the water. Persons with physical impairments to swimming are at increased risk. ACE provides several trips which are less demanding and, while we do take impaired persons on all river sections, it is only with knowledge and belief on the part of the individual that he or she understands and accepts the greater-than-normal risk.
Heart Disease

We recommend against rafting if you are a good candidate for a heart attack.

You should consider not rafting if you have had a heart attack in the last 6 months or if you are male ( 30 -40 ) or female ( 40-50 ) with 2 of the following risk factors or male over 40 or female over 50 with one of the following risk factors:

Some risk factors are:

- Diagnosed high blood pressure
- Smoker
- Diabetic regulating medication
- High cholesterol level or lipid abnormality
- Parent / sibling family history of heart attack coronary bypass or sudden cardiac death
before age 55
- Unexplained chest pains, pressure, shortness of breath, palpitations, sweats, exertional dizziness, or fainting spells.
Seizure Disorders

These are wilderness trips and you may be several hours from a hospital. If you feel that you must go on a raft trip, please instruct both your guide and your Trip Leader as to what to do if you have a seizure.

You should maintain fuel and fluid status to minimize dehydration and low blood sugar effects on the brain. Please reconsider rafting if you have had a seizure during the last year or if you are not current on your medication.
Diabetes (brittle and coma)

Persons with brittle diabetes should carry a container of fruit juice in case their blood sugar becomes too low.

Diabetics who are bringing insulin or other medicine should tell both their guide and trip leader what, if any, special arrangements should be made to accommodate their needs.

Persons with uncontrolled blood sugar levels or persons with recurrent hospital visists for elevated or low blood sugar levels should not consider rafting.

Hemophilia is a genetic disorder of the blood-clotting system. This disorder can cause the person to bleed freely.
On a raft trip, we are not prepared to provide emergency care for this disorder. If you insist on rafting, you must instruct your guide and Trip Leader how to deal with an incident.
Hearing Impairment

The hearing impaired must realize that they must watch the paddler in front of them and mimic that paddler's actions. For example, when the person in front changes from a forward to a back stroke in response to the guide's command, the hearing impaired person must also make the change. If possible, hearing impaired persons should sit directly in front of the guide.
Vision Impairment

On occasion, we do take blind paddlers on the river. A blind paddler must understand that your risk, should you fall out of the boat, is considerably higher than that of a sighted person.
Blind persons, not being able to anticipate hits, are more likely to fall out of the boat. Blind swimmers can not determine exactly where to swim to safety and are at much greater risk during a whitewater swim.

You should get your doctor's advice and permission to raft. Remember to tell the doctor that rafters are likely to be severely jostled and even thrown out of the raft. Extended rough swims, including bouncing off rocks, are common on river trips.
Bee Stings (other allergies)

Because we are not allowed to administer drugs due to possible reactions, we don’t carry Epi-pens or any other drugs to deal with bee stings. If you are allergic, we strongly recommend that you bring multiple quantities of whatever medicine you use. Because you may become separated from the rest of your party, carry at least one dose on your person and give the others to your guide and Trip Leader. Bees will usually be most prevaelent at Lunch.
Links to other Information:

-Allergic Reactions to Stings

-Insect Sting Allergies

-Facts on Stinging Insects

We recommend that you do not go rafting if you have severe asthma. If you decide to go despite this warning, you should bring a minimum of two full relief inhalers. You should keep one on your person and give the other to your guide. Do not bring a single inhaler and give it to your guide as you and your guide (and inhaler) might become separated during a long swim.


Your Responsibilities Under The Law
The West Virginia Whitewater Responsibility Act (WV Code 20-3B-1 through 5) imposes the following duties on participants in whitewater expeditions:

- Prohibits the use of any alcohol or illegal drugs before or during any raft trip.

- Prohibits harmful or negligent conduct or interference with safety of others on the trip.

- Requires each participant disclose, prior to the trip, any known health problems, medical disabilities, or prescribed medicines.

- Participants must also inform ACE of any personal injury or illness sustained while on the trip.

- ACE does not provide accident insurance. You may want to purchase trip insurance before leaving home.


The Group Organizer should make sure each member of the group understands ACE’s deposit and payment policies.  Deposits are non-refundable and are required within 10 days of making a reservation.
ACE Adventure Resort
P.O. Box 1168
Oak Hill, WV  25901

If sending payments overnight or packages via UPS or Federal Express, please send to:
ACE Adventure Resort
#1 Concho Road
Minden, WV  25879
Payment Procedures

- If the group is paying with individual checks, the group organizer should collect all payments and mail them at one time.
- If the group organizer is unable to mail all payments at once, each individual member must note the group organizer’s name and reservation number on his check.
- Payments made less than 30 days prior to the trip date must be made by American Express, Visa, Master Card, Cashier’s Check, or Money Order.
- A 6% state sales tax is added to all sales, and an additional 6% county lodging tax is applied to deluxe lodging rentals.
- The New River Gorge National River and Gauley River Recreational Area are permitted recreation areas by the National Park Service and regulated by the Department of Natural Resources.
A $3.00 per person, per activity Resource Use Fee is applied to each reservation.
New River & Other Adventures

To confirm a reservation, ACE requires a non-refundable $25 deposit per person, per day of activity.  The full balance is due 30 days prior to the activity date.
Fall Gauley

To confirm your trip, a non-refundable deposit of $50 per person, per day of activity is required. If you are booking a September Gauley trip, full payment is due July 1st .  For October trips, it is due August 1st.
If you are booking your Gauley adventure after the August 1st payment deadline, full payment is due upon making your reservation.

Gauley Season is 22 days each fall with limited space on each trip. To lock in a particular date, we recommend making your reservation early, however, we will do our best to accommodate last minute bookings.
Deluxe Lodging

This non-refundable deposit is $50 per unit, per night. The full balance is due 30 days prior to arrival date. For lodging in September, the balance is due July 1, and for October, it is due August 1.
Prior to check-in, you will need to a sign a security agreement and provide an additional $100 deposit using a credit card or cash. If using cash, it will be refunded by mail once housekeeping confirms the unit is in good condition. The person making the cash deposit, if not the group organizer, must make sure we have the correct address for returning the deposit.
Rustic Lodging/RV Sites

ACE requires a $10 per unit, per night, non-refundable deposit. The full balance for all lodging including camping and RV sites is due 30 days prior to arrival date. For lodging in September, the balance is due July 1, and for October, it is due August 1.


ACE Adventure Resort Cancellation Policy
Once ACE confirms your reservation, much of the cost in organizing the trip is spent long before you arrive. Should you have to cancel, please give as much notice as possible.

- Cancellations made more than 30 days before the date of your trip will receive a full refund minus the deposit.

- Cancellations made by noon on the day prior to your arrival will receive a rain-check good for two years from the trip date minus the deposit.

- “No-shows” on the day of the activity will not be considered for a rain-check or refund.

- Rain-checks do not include the non-refundable deposit.

- All cancellations must be received in writing by mail, fax, or email.  Our fax number is (304) 469-3053.  Our email is kim@aceraft.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Trip Transfers... Weather and Water Conditions

All raft trips go rain or shine (we all get wet anyway).  However, should water levels dictate, we reserve the right to change any trip to another section, river, or raft size. On rare occasions, water levels may also demand we change the number of people in the raft and the length of the trip.  Since water and weather conditions are “Acts of God,” we do not issue rain-checks unless all events of the day are cancelled.
Summer Gauley Conditions

Throughout the summer, the Gauley River water level varies.   ACE will choose the raft size best suited for the conditions.  On occasion, it may be too low or high to run so the trip will be switched to the Lower New River and run in the most exciting format.


Keeping You Safe
Safety is always our number one priority.

Commercial whitewater adventures and related high-adventure activities are proven to be safe, but all such activities have their inherent risks. ACE and its affiliates assume no responsibility and cannot be held liable for personal injury or property loss.
Liability Indemnification Form

- Before an activity, each person is required to sign a liability indemnification form. This form includes a photographic “model release.”

- Each participant is required to attend a mandatory safety briefing before each activity.

- A copy of the liability indemnification form will be mailed upon request. The form is also available at: www.aceraft.com/downloads.html
Minor’s Liability Indemnification Form

- ALL persons under the age of 18 must have an ACE release form signed by at least one parent prior to participating in ANY activity. (If possible, BOTH parents should sign the waiver.) Without a signed waiver, the youth may NOT participate in ANY ACE activity.

- If a minor’s parents are not attending an activity, we will mail the form upon request. The form is also available at: www.aceraft.com/downloads.html


Pet Policy

We can recommend alternative accommodations located nearby, but ACE Adventure Resort must maintain a no pet policy.

As animal lovers, this is a difficult policy for us to make.  Unfortunately, there are a few people who don't always use common sense when traveling with their pets.  And we must look at the big picture of what is best for all our guests.

Pets can pose a real threat to those with allergies, excessive noise can disturb and keep campers awake, guests have been bitten, and we are concerned with disease transmission via fleas, ticks, parasites, viruses, bateria, etc.  Then there is the clean up after pets that is ignored by irresponsible owners.  Pets have been left unattended for long periods of time without water or shade.  Pets have escaped, creating numerous problems or they have become lost or injured in these mountains.  And lastly, some of our guests have phobias concerning pets.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this policy may have on you and your furry loved ones, but our goal is to be fair and responsible to all our guests.

Although we can not accommodate pets on our resort property, we can suggest other locations.

Fayetteville Campground
Campsites and RV Sites
* RV sites have water and electicity (30 amp boxes with 110 service) - dump stations available. Located near the New River Gorge Bridge and 15 minutes from ACE.

Hemlock Haven
304.575.1260     HemlockHavenWV.com

The Cabins at Pine Haven
877.573.2001     CabinsAtPinehaven.com

New River Cabins
304.640.7333     NewRiverCabinsWV.com

Quality Inn Fayetteville
304.574.3443     QualityInnNewRiverGorge.com

Comfort Inn Oak Hill
304.465.0010     ChoiceHotels.com

Econo Lodge Beckley
304.255.2161     ChoiceHptels.com

ACE Support Staff

ACE Whitewater also has openings in many other areas. Full-time and part-time seasonal jobs are available. See below for a description of many of our available positions. Employment applications follow the descriptions.

ACE Employment Info
Thank you for your interest in employment with the ACE Adventure Resort team. We are the largest and the fastest growing whitewater rafting outfitter in West Virginia, and we offer the coolest jobs too.

Our season runs from April through the end of the Gauley River season in mid-October, However the real busy time is between Memorial Day and mid-October. This is seasonal outdoor work that requires a high level of "people skill" plus the technical and leadership skills necessary to lead a crew of novice paddlers down some of the East's most challenging whitewater rivers. If you provide the people skills, we can teach you the leadership and technical skills you need to be a guide, instructor or any other role. If you would like a summer job that's interesting, challenging, rewarding and (above all) fun, fill in our online application. We will get in touch with you by phone or e-mail and get you all the information you will need to decide if the ACE Adventure Resort team is right for you.

Retail Sales

Retail Store Salesperson

ace_productthumbnails_left_260x163_retaiOur Outfitters Store needs salespeople who are knowledgeable about outdoor gear and clothing. We will train the right person.


Reservations Consultant

ace_productthumbnails_left_260x163_reservationistOur Reservations Office handles questions from prospective customers, books trips and mails pictures, brochures, catalogs and videos to interested folks. Good people skills are a must. This is indoor work, primarily on the phone. We will train applicants who demonstrate an aptitude for fast-paced, sales-oriented work.


Grounds, Housekeeping and Janitorial Staff

ace_productthumbnails_left_260x163_grounds-keeperTo keep our 1,500-acre Adventure Resort attractive to the 40,000 guests who will visit us this season, we need people to work outdoors on the grounds as well as indoors performing housekeeping duties in our chalets, cabins and cabin tents. You will have to show a history of dependability and honesty in your past employment.


Bus and Truck Driver

ace_productthumbnails_left_260x163_driversExperienced drivers needed with CDL. Part-time (weekends) and full-time seasonal positions. You must have a clean safety record and be willing and able to pass a drug test.

Food Service

Food Service Worker

ace_productthumbnails_left_260x163_food-servicesOur food-service department prepares and packs several hundred lunches each day as well as serving breakfast, lunch and dinner in our dining hall throughout the season. Previous food-service experience is a plus but we will train quality applicants who lack experience. This is an extremely hectic part of our business and applicants should expect to work hard.



ace_productthumbnails_left_260x163_bartenderACE’s Lost Paddle Lounge is a popular full-service sports bar with pool tables and big-screen TV’s. Experienced bartenders needed. Seasonal work…June through October.

ACE Adventure Staff

ACE Adventure Resort will be accepting applications for guides and adventure recreation instructors for the 2011 season. starting November 1, 2010. We have openings for the following positions:

ACE Employment Info
Thank you for your interest in employment with the ACE Adventure Resort team. We are the largest and the fastest growing whitewater rafting outfitter in West Virginia, and we offer the coolest jobs too.

Our season runs from April through the end of the Gauley River season in mid-October, However the real busy time is between Memorial Day and mid-October. This is seasonal outdoor work that requires a high level of "people skill" plus the technical and leadership skills necessary to lead a crew of novice paddlers down some of the East's most challenging whitewater rivers. If you provide the people skills, we can teach you the leadership and technical skills you need to be a guide, instructor or any other role. If you would like a summer job that's interesting, challenging, rewarding and (above all) fun, fill in our online application. We will get in touch with you by phone or e-mail and get you all the information you will need to decide if the ACE Adventure Resort team is right for you.

Raft Guide

Whitewater Raft Guide:

Whitewater Raft Guide Jobs in West VirginiaThis is where most of our work is. After completing one of our training programs, you will be working on the New River during the Summer season. Known as the "Grand Canyon of the East." The New is rated among the country’s best whitewater runs and is the biggest whitewater in the East.

Once they complete their training, most new guides will spend much of their first season guiding on the Upper New River. This is easy "family-style" rafting and it allows the newcomer to quickly develop the leadership and entertainment skills that every guide needs. It brings you along at a pace that is not overwhelming. When you’re not earning money on these Upper New trips, you can be riding along on Lower New trips and becoming familiar with that more difficult section. As the Summer season unfolds and our customers begin arriving in greater numbers, the best of the rookie guides will find themselves guiding lots of Lower New trips as well as those on the Upper section.

An added benefit of guiding with ACE is that we’re the only company that runs the Gauley river on a daily basis all summer long. These summertime Gauley trips are great fun and they’ll build your river skills quickly. Throughout your time at ACE, we encourage you to ride along and gain experience on more difficult sections. There’s never any charge to you and it prepares you to make some serious money during the Fall Gauley Season.

Most first-year guides will spend their Fall season on the Lower New and the Lower Gauley…and training on the Upper Gauley on their off days. We encourage all our new guides to become proficient on all the rivers we run as quickly as their individual talents allow. We don’t have a lot of turnover in our guide staff and we’ll always schedule the more experienced guides on the more difficult sections whenever possible. Despite this, a large proportion of our junior guides quickly become proficient enough to move up the ladder rapidly.

Once you complete your guide training with ACE, you will be required to fulfill contractual obligations in return for the cost of training which is free to you. These obligations involve your being available for the entire rafting season and will be thoroughly explained to you prior to your being accepted into the training program. You’ll also have to agree to follow a few simple rules of behavior both on and off the river.

Climbing Guide
Climbing/Rappelling Guide

Climbing Guide/Instructor Job OpportunitiesAs a guide in our climbing program you will work with groups of climbers and occasionally "one-on-one" with customers. We do climbs on our own property and in the New River Gorge National River. For the most part, our climbing and rappelling program is geared to beginning levels of ability. We also do custom instructional clinics. We are looking for experienced climbers for this program, but some limited training is available in this program.

Kayak Instructor
Kayak Instructor

Kayak Instructor Employment PositionsACE provides several levels of kayak instruction from introductory sessions at the Adventure Resort to specialized multi-day clinics on the New and Gauley Rivers. You must be a highly-skilled boater to be accepted as a kayak instructor. ACA certification is required for people to work in this program. Limited ACA Certification training will be made available to our staff. If you are accepted into the ACA accreditation class provided by ACE you will be required to fulfill contractual obligations in return for tuition costs incurred by ACE.

Mountain Bike Guide
Mountain Bike Guide / Mechanic

Mountain Bike Guide JobsWe have a full Mountain Bike program at the ACE Adventure Resort, complete with rentals and a repair shop. As a Mountain Bike Guide, you will not only lead full and half-day bike trips on ACE property and into the New River Gorge, but you will work as a bike mechanic helping to keep the fleet of rentals in top condition. The mechanic aspect of this program can be utilized as off river work.

Climbing Guide

Climbing/Rappelling Guide

Climbing Guide/Instructor Job OpportunitiesAs a guide in our climbing program you will work with groups of climbers and occasionally "one-on-one" with customers. We do climbs on our own property and in the New River Gorge National River. For the most part, our climbing and rappelling program is geared to beginning levels of ability. We also do custom instructional clinics. We are looking for experienced climbers for this program, but some limited training is available in this program.

Kayak Instructor
Kayak Instructor

Kayak Instructor Employment PositionsACE provides several levels of kayak instruction from introductory sessions at the Adventure Resort to specialized multi-day clinics on the New and Gauley Rivers. You must be a highly-skilled boater to be accepted as a kayak instructor. ACA certification is required for people to work in this program. Limited ACA Certification training will be made available to our staff. If you are accepted into the ACA accreditation class provided by ACE you will be required to fulfill contractual obligations in return for tuition costs incurred by ACE.

Mountain Bike Guide
Mountain Bike Guide / Mechanic

Mountain Bike Guide JobsWe have a full Mountain Bike program at the ACE Adventure Resort, complete with rentals and a repair shop. As a Mountain Bike Guide, you will not only lead full and half-day bike trips on ACE property and into the New River Gorge, but you will work as a bike mechanic helping to keep the fleet of rentals in top condition. The mechanic aspect of this program can be utilized as off river work.

Kayak Instructor

Kayak Instructor

Kayak Instructor Employment PositionsACE provides several levels of kayak instruction from introductory sessions at the Adventure Resort to specialized multi-day clinics on the New and Gauley Rivers. You must be a highly-skilled boater to be accepted as a kayak instructor. ACA certification is required for people to work in this program. Limited ACA Certification training will be made available to our staff. If you are accepted into the ACA accreditation class provided by ACE you will be required to fulfill contractual obligations in return for tuition costs incurred by ACE.

Mountain Bike Guide

Mountain Bike Guide / Mechanic

Mountain Bike Guide JobsWe have a full Mountain Bike program at the ACE Adventure Resort, complete with rentals and a repair shop. As a Mountain Bike Guide, you will not only lead full and half-day bike trips on ACE property and into the New River Gorge, but you will work as a bike mechanic helping to keep the fleet of rentals in top condition. The mechanic aspect of this program can be utilized as off river work.

WV White Water Rafting Photos

Smile You're in The Pictures
ACE offers both action still photos and DVDs on most rafting trips.  They are available for viewing  in the outfitters' store when you return to base.


Still Photography

8x10RaftingPhotos: $19.80ea
Photo CD: $59.95ea


Leisure Sports Photography
P.O. Box 210, Fayetteville, WV 25840

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Instructions for Online Waiver Submission

This form cannot be used for any youth under the age of 18 who will be attending ACE without his/her parent or guardian. For those youth coming without a parent or guardian, download and print the appropriate activity waiver, then have the individual's parent/guardian read and sign the release form. Trip Leaders should bring all signed permission forms for minors participating in activities at ACE to check-in.

If you are participating in Horseback Riding, you must also download and complete the Horseback Riding Waiver.

1. If the Reservation# and Group Leader# are not filled in then please fill them in and click the button "Call Up Reservation." Your reservation will be retrieved.

2. For each trip that you are participating in, ensure that the appropriate "Choose your trip" Check Box is selected.

3. Enter your name and contact information. (If you think you are in our mailing list then try the search fields below.) When your information is completed click on "Save Info".

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each person you are responsible for.

5. To recall/edit a participant's name and address info, simply click on their name in the Trip Box.

6. To copy one contact information to another name, click on the Copy Info button, then fill in the missing info and click on Save Info.

7. When you get to ACE Adventure Resort for your trip, check in with your Trip Leader and they will have a printed form for each person in your group to read and sign. That's it!

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Greenbrier County CVB (Greenbrier Valley WV)

Home to the breathtaking natural beauty that makes West Virginia wild and wonderful, Greenbrier County has everything from scenic countryside to remarkable mountain views. Whether you are spending your day relaxing by the Greenbrier River or strolling through one of many quaint downtowns, you are sure to enjoy the serene, laid-back atmosphere found throughout the valley.



New River CVB

Experience everything that awaits you in the New River Gorge.

- Hiking Trails

- Historic Sites

- Festivals

- Shopping

Make the most of your visit to the New River Gorge. Contact us for your FREE New River Gorge Travel Guide.



Summersville CVB

Summersville is home to beautiful Summersville Lake and the famous Gauley River - ranked 7th for the world’s best whitewater runs.

This outdoor playground is bursting with endless possibilities from boating, water-skiing, fishing and scuba diving to whitewater rafting!

So if you want to have the best of West Virginia at your fingertips… whether you are in search of relaxation, adventure, beauty, history or just plain fun, visit the gem town of Summersville.


Pocahontas County CVB

Ride back in time on a steam locomotive, brush up on your astronomy, and then dine with friends.

- 35 places to eat

- 25 cabins and cottages

- 11 lodges and inns

- And great outdoor fun!


Whitewater Photography

See your rafting photos in the outfitters store.

Whitewater Photography captures your exciting outdoor experience for you to enjoy. Finished 8x10s are available for purchase upon your return from your whitewater rafting trip.

From CDs to posters, we offer many different products for your photos. So remember, SMILE for the camera.


Directions to ACE Adventure Resort

As you journey through the Mountain State you will experience some of the most beautiful scenery in this part of the county and we highly recommend that you take your time and enjoy some of our spectacular overlooks. Please drive carefully and closely monitor your speed limit – in general, West Virginia heavily enforces the speed limits in order to make your visit as safe as possible!

*IMPORTANT NOTE: When using Google Maps, Map Quest, OnStar and other GPS units for directions – they will sometimes give the shortest or most direct instructions – these directions may not be the most practical course of action in these more remote areas. Use the directions below when you get to West Virginia. Any problems give us a call 1.800.787.3982 or 304.469.2651.


Atlanta, GA 7.5 hours   Harrisburg, PA 6 hours   New York, NY 8.75 hours
Baltimore, MA 6 hours   Indianapolis, IN 6.5 hours   Norfolk, VA 6 hours
Charleston, SC 7 hours   Jacksonville, FL 9.25 hours   Philadelphia, PA 7 hours
Charlotte, NC 3.5 hours   Knoxville, TN 4 hours   Raleigh, NC 4.5 hours
Chicago, IL 9.5 hours   Lexington, KY 4 hours   Richmond, VA 4.5 hours
Cincinnati, OH 5 hours   Louisville, KY 5 hours   Roanoke, VA 2.5 hours
Columbus, OH 4 hours   Nashville, TN 7 hours   Washington, DC 5.25 hours

ACE Adventure Resort Coordinates:

Latitude, Longitude: W 81 5' 48", N 37 58' 27" UTM: 491502.47, 4202970.87
Physical Address: ACE Adventure Resort   1 Concho Road, Minden, WV. 25879*  800.787.3982


Get directions to West Virginia and double check your directions with those supplied below:

From the East via I-64 West (or I-81 South): Take I-64 West to I-77 North and then take Exit #48 to Beckley/Summersville onto US Route 19 North. Drive approximately 11.2 miles to the (East) Main St. exit. At the stop sign turn right (North). Follow directions from Main St. below.
**This is the most common area we have problems with our guests using GPS units. The unit will instruct you to exit I-64 before exit 48, which will increase your drive time significantly**

From the North via I-77 South and I-64 East: From Charleston, WV, take I-77 South / I-64 East to Exit #48 to Beckley / Summersville onto U.S. Rt. 19 North. Drive approximately 11.2 miles to the (East) Main St. exit. At the stop sign turn right (North). Follow directions from Main St. below.

From the North via I-79 South: Take I-79 South to Exit #57 to Beckley onto U.S. Rt. 19 South. Drive approximately 57.8 miles to the (East) Main St. exit. At the stop sign turn left (North). Cross overpass and… Follow directions from Main St. below.

From the South via I-77 North: Take I-77 North / I-64 West to Exit # 48 to Beckley/Summersville onto U.S. Rt. 19 North. Drive approximately 11.2 miles to the (East) Main St. exit. At the stop sign turn right (North). Follow directions from Main St. below.


When you get to the Main Street Exit in Oak Hill, West Virginia, follow the directions below:

From Main Street Exit: Take the first left (directly across from the Little General – BP Gas Station) onto Minden Rd. (ACE sign). It is approximately 2.9 miles to ACE (check your odometer). Drive carefully down the mountain, it is fairly steep and narrow. At the bottom, drive slowly and watch for children and pets as you pass through Minden, an old mining community with the houses located close to the road. At approximately 1.3 miles, veer left onto wide blacktop road, McKinney Rd. At mile 2.1 you will turn right (ACE sign on large pole) – do not go straight onto Rocklick Rd. At mile 2.9 turn left at the ACE Adventure Center entrance and stop by the Welcome Center to check-in.
(Vehicles over 13' 9" use Alternate RV Directions below.)
Alternative RV Directions (Vehicles over 13' 9" use Alternate RV Directions below.)
Please monitor your odometer - it will make these directions 
easier to follow!
  • Follow U.S. Rt. 19 to Oak Hill.
  • Take the East Main St. exit.
  • Take State Rt. 16 North. (This will be a right turn if you were traveling North bound on Rt. 19, and a left if traveling South bound.)
  • Turn right just before the Little General-BP Station onto Old Minden Rd. 
(This road is very narrow. Please drive carefully!)
  • Follow Old Minden Rd. for 1.1 miles to the stop sign that intersects with 
Minden Rd. (CR 17).  
  • Continue through the community of Minden, staying on Minden Rd. and 
following signs to ACE. (Please drive slowly through Minden. Watch for children and animals.) 
  • Turn right at the tall ACE pole sign (which keeps you on Minden Rd. - do NOT go straight 
onto Rocklick Rd.).
  • Turn left at the ACE entrance and stop at the Welcome Center.
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