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Team Building and Adventures for Groups – also known as T.A.G. – is ACE’s fully-customizable program that is set in a unique learning environment – the great outdoors – to engage groups and energize them into action unlike any other experience. It’s a structured environment where each person can discover his or her potential, learn to work with one another and prepare to face real world challenges.

While every group that comes to ACE enjoys fresh mountain air, beautiful vistas and a myriad of activities, everyone has different needs. Whatever you’re looking to accomplish, ACE can custom design a retreat especially for you. All of our programs can be adapted as necessary to meet your group’s goals - to offer appropriate opportunities for learning, personal growth and positive change.  

To start, each program is built around a framework of safety both physically and mentally for every individual. From there, our programs and activities always have one theme in common - experiencing an outrageously good time!

We invite you to learn more about ACE and what we can help you achieve. Give us a call to discuss the possibilities.


From Chief Sitting Bull to Jack London to Bear Grylls, people across many faiths, generations and walks of life have believed the wilderness holds a primal role in molding a young man. The Boy Scouts of America have been creating teachable moments for youth to learn the ways of the outdoors for generations. But it isn't all double hitch knots and locating the North Star. Scouts are taught to show courage, preparedness and service to their communities. At ACE Adventure Resort, a premier West Virginia vacation destination, the most exciting aspects of outdoor adventure come to life on the banks of the New River Gorge.

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While you may know the Girl Scouts for selling cookies, the Girl Scouts of America have a long, proud tradition of offering sugar AND spice as gutty, thrill-seeking adventurers. Many of ACE Adventure Resort's professional guides were once girl scouts themselves, giving them unique insight as to what it takes to build an effective outdoor program. Through leadership, direction, organization and action, these guides blaze a trail as the perfect role models for your young women.

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Venturing programs reach out to youth at one of the most critical stages of life, the time period where we experience change and grow into young adults. Created by the Boy Scouts of America, venturing is a development program for young men and women ages 14 to 20 years old. The program features a unique relationship between participants, adult sponsors, and organizations within their communities.

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Faith-based Groups. George Washington Carver once compared nature to God's broadcasting station "through which He speaks to us every hour, if we only will tune in." By bringing your group to the wilderness to experience the majesty of God's creation, you bring them to a new house of worship. Enjoying the power of mighty rivers through white water rafting or the beauty of the light shining through the trees on a canopy tour, you see the power of God firsthand.

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Corporate Groups. At the office, you are the king of the carpool lane, Mr. shirt-and-tie, all business from sun up to sun down. Scale a cliff? You won't even take a 45-minute lunch break. But at ACE Adventure Resort, you are a wilderness warrior, flying down zip lines as fast as the wind, navigating white-water rapids like an experienced racecar driver. By unlocking the hidden talents of your team and joining together to take a walk on the wild side, you will unlock hidden potential and camaraderie you never knew existed. And it all starts with a call to ACE.

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Non-Profits are kind of like superheroes. When government and big business abandon the little guy, these super Samaritans swoop in and provide much-needed services. So what better bonding for these caped caregivers than flying on a zip line tours or scaling tall cliffs in a single bound?

With over 30 years of providing exceptional adventure vacations, ACE has become the leader in offering visitors thrilling and exciting experiences for non-profit groups. Working with a tight budget? No problem, we can custom design a program specific to your group's individual needs while staying within an affordable price range. We know you love your job as a member of a non-profit. Our adventure specialists love their jobs too so sharing a little slice of our world with you is our passion. That's why at ACE, you can be whatever you want to be. We ensure that by the time you leave, you are no longer a marketing director or a fundraising coordinator. You are an adventurer, with an improved sense of gusto and a mission to take on the world.

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Public Safety Groups. Kicking in doors, getting shot at, getting scalded, cuffing suspects and rescuing the innocent may seem like dangerous pursuits in stressful situations. But for America's military, police and fire officials, it's a slow Tuesday. For these danger junkies, sitting by the pool all day and grabbing a tan just won't cut it. At Ace Adventure Resorts, we get it. We know that the excitement of rock climbing and white water rafting can feel like a day at the beach when putting yourself in harm's way is just part of your everyday.

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School Groups. Some things you just can't learn in a classroom. From Thoreau to Jefferson to Emerson, some of the world's foremost thinkers have written of the power of nature to inspire, shape and change those who enter and embrace it. But this is no soothing nature walk. At Ace Adventure Resort, we specialize in intersecting the majesty of nature with the physicality and team building of a great field trip. Our adventure vacation center offers many activities that will help bring even the most disparate classrooms together.

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