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West Virginia Girl Scout Adventures

While some girls may be content to hang at the mall and lay by the pool, the Girl Scouts are about learning new things and challenging girls to become responsible and independent. The outdoors does just that. Scouts at ACE have the opportunity to experience the wilderness like never seen before while earning badges, participating in service projects and other activities. Scouts at ACE work on their team skills, learn how to become leaders, make new friends, and leave with memorable experiences that will last them for a lifetime.

The friendships that they make and the lessons that they learn during their stay with us play a role in their futures. Through the goals that you set out for them and the team effort that they use to complete their programs they learn the skills needed to thrive and excel. Social skills, team work skills, leadership skills, and mental toughness can all be acquired just with one trip down to our resort. At ACE we are happy to play a role in the success of these young women and during your stay with us we will treat your children as if they were our own.

There are a wide variety of activities that will keep your scouts active and having fun. From whitewater rafting to canopy tours you can find a world of adventure all in one location. There are no worries about transporting your scouts from place to place to enjoy the activities that you want to participate in. Choose from a wide variety of attractions that will keep you on your toes without the thought of leaving the comfort of our West Virginia resort.

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The ACE adventures ensure that you will take priceless memories out of the mountains and the New River Gorge when you leave. But what will you put back in? Your scout troop can help rebuild the mountain by dedicating a small part of your summer to service. From river cleanup to trail revitalization, these efforts ensure that the wilderness will remain as pristine and inspiring as you left it.

If our program catches your eye contact us for more information. We are readily available to answer any questions that you have and at your request can provide you with ideas for a program that would be preferable for your group's specific goals.



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