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Junior High and High School West Virginia Adventures

We all know it’s true – getting kids outside is more challenging than ever. With cell phone, computer and television screen-times skyrocketing, getting friends together for a pick-up game of kickball or overnight camping adventure in the backyard are more of an anomaly than the norm.

That’s where ACE comes in. We are experts on the great outdoors. And we sure know how to have fun and inspire kids to want more – more fresh air, more time with friends, more “aha” moments! Teachers who have used our program know that a day spent with ACE develops important social skills, inspires creative problem solving and helps their students to see the world through new “glasses.”

If you’re wondering how our program works, there are lots of ways groups use us to accomplish goals. Say you want to:Jumping Into The New River
  • Develop concepts such as communication, trust, problem solving and teamwork in an environment that treats everyone equally
  • “Make the great connection” between your classroom lesson and what it really means to live on this planet and be a part of its future
  • Reward you your students’ achievements with a new experience that will stick with them for the rest of their lives
We know how to make this happen. Our outdoor adventure program for kids has proven successful for teachers all over the east coast. So join us in creating a generation of happier, healthier kids with more awareness and connection to themselves and the world around them.

“We just got back from an amazing trip at ACE where we enjoyed zip lining and rafting with a group of high school freshman. I was so comfortable with our students being in the hands of these guides. Their patience, knowledge and personalities made for a stress free and enjoyable trip. We will be using ACE for many years in the future!”

Christie K. - Trip Advisor
Dayton, OH

Environmental Education Programs

“I hear and I forget… I see and I remember… I do and I understand.”

Famous scientific researchers such as Jacques Cousteau and Charles Darwin knew first-hand that when you become aware of your environment… by touching it, seeing it, and interacting with it, so much more can be learned. It has the power to transform passive awareness into responsible action-takers.

Here in West Virginia, the 53-mile New River Gorge National River, adjoining our 1,500-acre Adventure Resort, is home to one of the most diverse biospheres in the world. From the lush, riparian ecosystem of the river and its banks up to the craggy canyon rim environment, the Gorge is as diverse as it is complex. Each of our life science field trip curriculums explores the natural elements of this environment, how humans impact these systems and how we encourage contribution to its protection.

ACE Outdoor Adventure Program Curriculum

Hydrology - Whitewater Rafting
Ecology - Zip Lining
Geology - Rock Climbing

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At ACE there is a plethora of outdoor adventures that you can choose from for your schools retreats and team building activities. Some of the thrilling activities that we offer include zip line tours, mountain biking, white water rafting and much more. What you decide to choose for your team is entirely up to you and when you speak with us we offer you the guidance to construct the perfect program of activities that will suit your group the best.

So get out here, and see how trading your classroom for a safety harness can change a team, management staff or department forever!

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