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West Virginia Venturing Adventures

They say idle hands are the devil's playground. So come play on our playground and leave the idle life behind! Underfunded communities around the country are implementing venturing programs for their youth every day in the United States. When kids do not have anything positive to keep them busy, they end up doing less productive things with their time.

While many teenagers spend their summers glued to the TV, watching athletes and adventurers, teenagers in Venturing programs live the exhilarating adventure first-hand. ACE Adventure Resort offers lodging and activities ranging from white water rafting to zip line tours all on one premises.

The pivotal teenage years are when young people figure out who they really are and the adults they will soon become. By spending the summer developing social and communication skills to succeed in our competitive world, participants in Venturing programs socialize with their peers, make new friends, and learn the skills necessary for effective teamwork.

And because they are not sitting on the couch all summer, kids reap the benefits of physical fitness, getting the fresh air and exercise necessary for a healthy lifestyle.

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There are many reasons why venturing programs choose our 1,500-acre mountain hideaway for their trips, but perhaps the most prevalent reasons are: the convenience of our West Virginia resort, the abundance of outdoor activities, and the ability to customize their itineraries for their groups.

Offering lodging and numerous adventure attractions all in one facility is why many people choose us over any other resort. It's nice to not have to worry about renting a car to go somewhere or finding transportation to get to the attractions that you would like to experience. Choose the lodging style that suits your needs whether that's tents or our indoor facilities. And when you are ready to get your day started activities are all within your reach.

Whether your group would like to try mountain biking or outdoor adventure rafting ACE is your source for thrilling adventure through West Virginia's wilderness. Some of the other activities that we offer include: paintball, kayaking, canopy tours, and rock climbing. We are the best location for experiencing an unforgettable outdoor adventure.

We work with you to create a schedule of programs for your group that is geared to accomplish the specific goals that you would like to accomplish. The choice is entirely up to you, whether you want to focus on programs that you feel will build personal growth and/or leadership skills, you are able to make this decision. To learn how we can assist you with choosing the right programs for your group contact us for more information.



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