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New River Gorge Pet Friendly Lodging

Dog lovers agree – there’s nothing like a vacation with your best friend!

At ACE Adventure Resort we understand that pets are part of the family. And when it comes to sniffing out the best adventure vacations with the whole family in mind, ACE is heads and tails above the rest. We have a pet-friendly lodging option for every budget. So whether you want to stay in one of our deluxe cabins or enjoy a simple night under the stars, “Fido” is welcome, too.

Oak Hill Animal Hospital Facility

Swank, Cs DVM
2525 Summerlee Rd. Oak Hill, WV 25901
24 Hour Emergency Services
***Only minutes from ACE Adventure Resort.

Pet Friendly Lodging Sites

*Any guests with pets should have a door tag identifying that a pet is inside their cabin
**Limited availabilty - Call-In to reserve as soon as possible if you want to bring your friend

What To Bring:

  • Water and food bowl (with personal food)
  • Sturdy leash
  • Pet carrier
  • Pet towel to place on furniture and to clean pet
  • Toys
  • Vaccination paperwork


Pet Friendly Policy

ACE Adventure Resort offers a limited number of pet friendly housing and camping sites for guests who travel with their pets to ensure that all guests enjoy their stay.

  • All pets must be current with rabies and other vaccinations.  
  • There is a $50 Pet Cleaning Fee charge per pet-friendly deluxe cabin ($25 for rustic cabin or campsite), payable by credit card only.  
  • Any or all of your deposit may be forfeited for any violations of this policy and/or damages caused by your pet.  Damages in excess of your deposit will be charged to your credit card.
  • ACE reserves the right to terminate a stay without refund if a pet is determined to be a threat or nuisance.
  • Pets outside must be attended and on a leash no longer than 10 feet.
  • Pets are not permitted in buildings other than your cabin, nor at check in, departure, or video areas, the beach, or playground
  • A maximum of two pets are permitted per pet friendly site
  • Pets shall not be left unattended unless securely crated
  • Pets must be house trained and clean (free of ticks, fleas, and mange)
  • Do not wash pets in bathtub or hot tub
  • Pets cannot be tied to outside objects, only leashed and attended
  • Pets cannot be left unattended in vehicles
  • Pet food cannot be left outside as this could attract unwanted wildlife
  • Owners must pick up pet waste immediately and dispose in appropriate receptacles
  • Warning – ACE is located on 1500 acres in a wilderness setting.  ACE accepts no responsibility for lost or injured pets during your stay

Initials here ________

Pet Agreement

Description: (sufficient information so we can identify your pet(s) as yours if found unattended)


Cell phone number ______________________________

Date(s) staying with us ___________________________

Lodging site ____________________________________

I agree to abide by all conditions of the ACE Adventure Resort Pet Policy and to accept all liability and responsibility for damages and/or injuries caused by or to my pet for the duration of my stay at ACE.

Printed Name ________________________________________ Signature______________________________________

*This form will need to be filled out upon arrival.

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