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Raft Guide Training on New River

Seasoned guides make guiding rafts look easy. That's because they've logged a lot of river miles, honing their skills and learning. Guiding rafts on West Virginia whitewater is not for everyone, but those who are willing to tackle the steep learning curve make an investment themselves and will come away with skills applicable to all aspects of life. Former ACE guides are teachers, executives, rescue professionals, entrepeneurs and more. And then there are those that never leave.
Learning to guide whitewater at ACE includes learning :
  • Guide paddle strokes
  • Guide commands
  • Reading whitewater
  • Working with your crew (teambuilding)
  • Working with your fellow guides
  • River Rescue
  • Familiarization and proficiency with guide gear
  • New River history
  • Area nature and wildlife

Not everyone makes the cut. But you might.

March – April
May - June

Minimum Age:
18 Years


Equipment Provided:
PFD, helmet, paddle and wetsuit during training. Once a guide checks out, they are required to purchase their own equipment.

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