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All you need to know is:

  • The date of your trip
  • The river section
  • Your trip time - bonus points if you remember your guides name too.
  • Make sure you read Step 5 in the directions!

Note: White Water Selfies available on most, but not all trips. May take up to 10 days for your video to be ready.


Video Titles

All the titles are similar and look like this: 0525 Lower New 10:15 #3 Kevin 
The first 4 numbers are the date: 0525 would be "May 25th" | The the river section "Lower New" | Trip time "10:15 am" |and finally your raft "#3" and maybe your guide "Kevin".  You may have to look through several videos with the same date, section and time before you find yours.

When you click a playlist link:

1) Clicking links will bring up this screen in a new window - video automatically plays - hit pause.



Lets Double Check: (sometimes the playlists are not in order - look through the entire list)

  • Was your trip videotaped - if not we are sorry, you will not have a Selfie.
  • Did you find the correct Playlist?
  • Did you find the correct dates?
  • Did you find the correct section & trip time?

* Some Selfies could be mislabeld - check all of the rafts on your trip to make sure you are not there.

If yes, to these 4 questions and still can not find your Selfie, click the link below and fill out the form:

Click for Missing Selfie Form

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