News Advisory
October 1-31, 2013

Have you ever thought about shooting an interview on a cliff face? How about while barreling down a zip line? Or while cruising through a forested tunnel atop an ATV? To bolster fall travel in the New River Gorge, we're opening our 1,500-acre resort to select members the news media in October. If you're looking for exemplary shots of the gorge in autumn, we'll provide gear, guides, and tech support you'll need through November 1, 2013.

All you'll need is to reserve a time so our staff can be on hand to guide your expedition. We'll also be happy to provide lodging for you or your crew members, depending on our capacity. Gauley Season at Bridge Day also fall during the period, and we're more likely to have vacancies on weekdays.

Please let me know at least a week in advance of your interested visit date and possible interview and shooting scenarios.


Beth Gill
Director of Communications
ACE Adventure Resort
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 304-574-7881
Mobile: 304-640-4061

To make coordination easier, here are some scenarios we've considered, though we welcome you to expand on these or think entirely outside the box:

Rock Climbing -- We're able to guide journalists up or down the face of our private climbing walls. They are natural, sixty-foot sandstone outcroppings that rim the New River Gorge. Dual lines may be set to accommodate an additional camera operator.

Zip Lining -- Our mile-long network of zip-lines famously follows the rim of the New River Gorge along rocky outcrops perched 500-800 feet above the New River. We can help arrange portage for equipment along zip lines, and since lines are dual, camera operator can film subject while both are in motion. Stunning views of the gorge are afforded along the route.

Biking/Hiking Trails -- More than 25 miles of woodland trail wander the resort's back-country, visiting waterfalls, scenic overlooks, and the ruins of old forgotten mining towns. Though some trails are narrow and steep, we can accommodate ATV portage to many shooting locations with advanced notice.

ATV Touring -- Designated all-terrain vehicle trails traverse part of the resort, plunging through muddy tracks and leaping mounds along the way. We'll be happy to arrange access to some of our best ATV points-of-interest.

Team-Building Facilities -- Our mud obstacle course, our five-story alpine tower, and a two-field paintball complex are among the principal landmarks in our team-building retinue. All provide for plenty of entertaining footage. While fewer participants will be on these courses this time of year, there still may be opportunities to catch them in use. Of course, with advanced notice, we do welcome members of the media to participate free of charge.


NOTE: Because our property ranges across the highlands west of the New River Gorge and descends to meet the New River, a full range of autumn leaf color is available through much of the period. The most brilliant reds are likely to appear earlier in the upper resort. The leaf fall always comes last along the warm banks of the river in late October.


DIRECTIONS: The American Canadian Expeditions (ACE) Resort is located at "1 Concho Road, Minden, WV 25879," near the Summit Bechtel National Scout Reserve (though many of our releases are disseminated from our communications department near the New River Gorge in Fayetteville, W.Va.)

Approximate drive-times from cities in our principal market area include Pittsburgh, 3.45 hours; Cleveland, Ohio, 5 hours; Columbus, Ohio, 4 hours; Cincinnati, Ohio, 4.5 hours; Louisville, Ky., 5 hours; Charlotte, N.C., 3.5 hours; Nashville, Tenn. 7 hours; Atlanta, Ga., 7 hours, Savannah, Ga., 7 hours; Virginia Beach, Va., 5.4 hours.; Washington, D.C., five hours; New York, NY, 8 hours, Buffalo, N.Y., seven hours.

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