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Whitewater Boat Options

When deciding on the intensity level of your river experience, the boat type and size have a big impact. Think of it like driving a sports car versus a mini-van. Both have advantages. It just depends on what you want to do. The boat options below will vary by river section, but the decriptions will give you a good idea of what to expect. Minimum age changes with each boat.

Team Paddling

 16' Raft (8+ Person Raft) Min Age: 12

PADDLE Raft  - Team paddling

  • This is the standard raft size most outfitters use, it is the most stable raft we have and ideal for most water flows
  • With an extra two feet, this raft accommodates 8-9 guests plus the guide
  • Good option for larger groups that want to paddle together as a team or a nervous first timer
  • The goto raft for the Upper New River family Trip
  • Professional guide in every raft
  • Minimum age 12
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 16' Oar Boat (6+ Person Raft) Min Age: 9

NEW for 2014
OAR Boat – Enjoy the ride

  • With the addition of a frame and 10-foot oars, this raft accommodates up to 6 guests
  • Large oars give your guide more control, making it stable enough for younger children and older family members to join the adventure
  • With this raft option, you can choose to paddle or sit back to enjoy the ride
  • Professional guide in every raft
  • Minimum age 9 
 14' Raft (6+ Person Raft) Min Age: 15
 14-foot-whitewater-raft-image Paddle Raft - Team Paddling  
  • Our most popular option for team paddling, this smaller raft is lighter and more maneuverable for the ultimate high-adventure ride
  • With three cross-tubes and roomy seating, it accommodates 6-7 guests plus the guide
  • This boat option is offered on Class II-V(+) river sections
  • The guide provides direction while the paddlers (that’s you) furnish the horsepower – teamwork is critical
  • Minimum age 15
 12' Raft (4+ Person Raft) Min Age: 18
 12-foot-whitewater-raft-image  Paddle Raft - Team Paddling
  • If whitewater rafting is one of your top-ten favorite sports, then this action-packed raft may be for you with only two cross-tubes, it is light and super agile and fits 4-5 paddlers plus the guide
  • The smallest commercial raft allowed on the river, this raft makes even the smallest waves and holes a challenge
  • Strong swimming skills and experience in high-siding and bracing are recommended - you have a higher chance of swimming in this raft than the bigger boats
  • This boat option is offered on Class II-V(+) river sections
  • Professional guide in every raft leads the way while paddlers provide the “all forward”
  • Minimum age 18

Solo Paddling

 Single Ducky

Single Ducky

  • Our most popular option on the Upper New, the ducky is a cross between an inflatable kayak and a canoe
  • Used in class I-III rapids, it sits close to the water’s surface, making the waves feel bigger
  • Easy to paddle in pools and extra stable in rapids, there’s no previous experience necessary
  • Great for those who want to paddle solo, especially teens and preteens who are ready for a little more freedom
  • A “mother ducky” leads the pack and provides instruction along the way
  • Minimum Age: 10
 Double Ducky
tandem-duck-whitewater-craft-image Double Ducky
  • Another great option for those who want the excitement of a ducky on the Upper New but have younger children who require the help of an adult (generally ages 6 to 9)
  • Longer than the solo ducky by 2 feet, it’s easy to navigate and super stable
  • Paddlers in these boats travel with the rest of the ducky pack - a “mother ducky” leads the way
  • Minimum age 6
 funyak FunYAK
  • The one-person inflatable kayak is a favorite for the Summer Gauley at lower water levels
  • Fast and highly responsive, these boats come with thigh-straps for even more control
  • Swimming skills and paddling experience a plus
  • Several guides, also paddling FunYAKs, direct the way and are positioned at more technical features to keep paddler on course

     ACE Adventure Resort has been the industry leader and innovator when it comes to outdoor adventures and it requires top of the line equipment and knowledge. We were the first outfitter with self-bailing rafts – we now have a full fleet of specially designed rafts. All of our boats are custom built, high-tech and self-bailing (meaning that water automatically runs out). The air-filled tubes that make up the raft are large and comfortable, providing a very stable platform for your adventure.

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