A comprehensive whitewater rafting safety orientation video that will help you prepare for your whitewater adventure. Below you will find the video broken down into 9 smaller videos for quick referance.


Part 1: Overview

0:58 seconds
A quick overview of the subjects covered in the main video.


Part 2: What to Wear

1:54 minutes
A short and fun video showing you what to wear when going whitewater rafting.


Part 3: PFD (personal flotation device)

1:05 minutes
Learn how to properly fit the most important piece of equipment on the river, your PFD.


Part 4: Helmets

1:01 minutes
Learn how to properly fit your helmet.


Part 5: Paddles

1:01 minutes
Learn how to properly paddle.


Part 6: Rafts

2:00 minutes
Learn about the raft, how to properly sit in it and how to paddle together.


Part 7: Swimming and Rescue

4:08 minutes
An important and informative video on how to swim in whitewater and how to rescue someone.


Part 8: Flipped Rafts

1:08 minutes
Learn what to do if the raft flips over.


Part 9: River Hazards

2:37 minutes
Learn about some of the hazards you may face and what to do to help prevent them.