Boat Types

raft-comparrison-chartRafts: ACE offers three different rafts sizes to customize your rafting experience. Going smaller is actually the biggest ride! Double check the minimum age difference when deciding the type of ride you want.

Duckies: ACE offers two different type of Duckies. What is a Duckie? A cross between a canoe and kayak, these inflatable play boats are stable, lightweight, highly maneuverable and easy to paddle. They are a blast and are our most popular crafts on the Upper New and the Summer Gauley Trips.

We offer Single and Tandem Duckies. So you can either go it a lone or have a friend ride along with you. You must be at least 10 years old to paddle your own duckie. Parents, guiding your own duckie down the river with one of your children with you is a magically memeory your children will always cherish! Duckies are not allowed on the Lower New section.

Craftmanship: All of our rafts are custom built, high-tech, self-bailing rafts (that means the water automatically runs out of the raft without you having to bail the boats). They are multi-chamber rafts that stay afloat even if we lose air in one of the chambers - a rare event with modren rafts. Cross tubes, also called thwarts, lay across the middle of the raft and connect the outer tubes of the rafts and are also separate compartments. Thwarts provide two important functions: lateral stability of the raft and a means to “brace in”. Bracing in is a way to use your legs and feet as a means to provide personal stability while going through rapids. One leg is pressed against the tube in front and the other leg is pressed against the tube behind you. By pressing out and against the tubes, you essentially wedge yourself in with your bottom placed on top of the outer tube. You use your legs to absorb the bouncing of the raft, much like riding a bike through bumpy terrain. Your guides will give you safety instructions throughout your journey.