West Virginia Adventure Activities

Get Wet. Stay Dry. Get Dirty. Fly High. You've never had a playground like this. The Adventure activities at ACE are off the chain, whitewater rafting - isn't our only specialty. From ACE Lake zipline tours to stand up paddleboarding, boredom doesn't stand a chance. Scroll down for more.


ACE Lake

The ACE Adventure Park and Lake is part water park, part climbing gym, and all kinds of awesome. The lake is 5 acres full of big toys for climbing, bouncing, and splashing — waterslides, zip lines, water trampolines, and of course, the infamous BLOB. Plus, the super-huge beach is stretched out, perfect for lounging with a good book and catching rays. Surrounded by hiking and biking trails, mountains, and all of the amenities at ACE, a day at the lake is some serious fun.

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Zip Line Canopy Tours

Flying through the tree-tops on the rim of the New River Gorge sound like your kind of fun? Then ACE's "World Record" West Virginia Zip Line is perfect for you. Because a zip line canopy tour is about more than just seeing nature. It's about getting up in there and feeling it! Honestly, the thrill of sailing along at top speed on a wire as you zip through the forest is fantastic. Now multiply that by 8. We've added all kinds of new features to our West Virginia Zip Lines, including 2 completely new zips with huge views of the New River Gorge. Zipping through the trees isn't just for birds, so hook in and let 'er rip!

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Paddle Boarding

There's no need to sit while you enjoy gliding over the cool waters ACE Lake, Summersville Lake and the New River. Stand Up Paddleboarding lets you explore lakes and rivers from a new vantage point. The best part? You get a whole body work out in the process and you don't even realize it because you're having so much fun.

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Fishing on the New River is one of the life's greatest joys whether you're an amateur angler or experienced fishermen. On your guided West Virginia fishing trip, you'll fish out of rafts as we float down the milder stretches of the New River. Opportunities abound to catch and release and repeat. If you're wanting to come get your angler on, our top-notch guides know the spots.

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Horseback riding

There's nothing quite like the bond between a horse and rider, and the stable hands for ACE are eager to guide you on our shaded trails.You'll take in views of the New River Gorge by horseback, sitting high in the saddle. Trips leave throughout the day, the perfect complement to your rafting trip. Or saddle up for our most popular trip, the Sunset Ride, a great way to cap of a day of fun at ACE. Our guides can show you the gorge like you've never seen it before.

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Touring Kayaks

Picture yourself gliding silently across a glassy lake, paddling your own touring kayak. ACE can bring that picture to life with tours of two nearby lakes. Take a half-day trip on Plum Orchard Lake, or the state's largest, the cliff-lined Summersville Lake, you can spend a whole day paddling and soaking up the sun. We supply all the gear, guides and instruction. You show up ready to relax and take in the scenery. Only at ACE can you have this much fun on flat water.

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Mountain Biking

West Virginia mountain biking is the perfect sport, especially here in the New River Gorge. Anyone can do it, and it's a great way to get outside. And one of the big benefits to riding at ACE is that all of our trails are absolutely, 100% free. Just gear up and ride. Or, take one of our many guided tours. They're really great ways to see the gorge, and your guide will know just about everything you could ever want to learn about riding bikes in the woods. Get up to the mountains here at ACE, and get on a bike. You'll be glad you did.

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What's better than paintball with your friends and family? Well, considering you'll have the chance to blast everyone you know and love, not much. The paintball courses at ACE are works of art (not much of a stretch, since they're covered in paint). There are 2 speedball courses and a maze through the woods. Between them, we can set up any paintball game imaginable. There are bunkers, trees, and, of course, other people to hide behind. So grab a paintball gun, take aim, and unload. Oh, yeah. That feels awesome.

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Rock Climbing

When you come rock climbing at ACE, remember these 3 words: no experience necessary. Or these 3: anyone can climb. We've got a whole cliff full of experienced instructors just hanging around waiting to show you how much fun climbing in the New River Gorge can be. We provide a challenging environment to suit your skills and abilities. We also do rappel-only adventures for those who prefer to go with gravity. And there might be no other place that's quite as perfect for challenging yourself against … yourself. So come climb with us. We can't wait to rope up.

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Bridge Walk

You've been under it or over it. Now, everyone at ACE can explore the New River Gorge Bridge — by walking through the arch! Bridge Catwalk is here. Within the bridgeworks is a 2-foot-wide, steel-grate catwalk, suspended 876 feet above the New River. And Bridge Catwalk Tours explore every inch of it. What the public could previously only look at is now open every single day of the year. To get a completely different perspective on one of modern engineering's masterpieces, book a tour, and take a walk with us. See what's going on under the arch.

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You've got a group that needs a challenge. We've got a whole lot of Teambuilding challenges that would love to have your group. Perfect fit. At ACE, we were doing teambuilding before anyone knew it was teambuilding, including us. But that just encouraged us to go bigger. We've organized several different teambuilding packages, including an Alpine Tower to host our high ropes course, adventure races and rafting, and a low ropes course. Turns out that most of the things we do here are a great way to build cohesion, enhance communication, and promote leadership.

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Mud Obstacle Course

It's fun. It's muddy. You will get dirty. The ACE Mud Obstacle Course was created to reach a whole new challenge in teambuilding. We're pretty sure we succeeded. Groups as small as 5 participants can go on the course, but if you want to race you'll need at least 10 participants. Teams race from incredibly muddy challenge to incredibly muddy challenge, with a little water thrown in here and there just so we can tell who's who. From classic Tug-O-War to a Tarzan Swing, with a whole lot in between, your group will be challenged right up until a winner emerges from the mud. 

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Herritage Hike

People need wild places. Sometimes it takes a mountain path far from the worldly distractions to slow us down in order to find our inner peace. The New River Gorge, with its timeless landscapes and rich history, is the perfect place to escape. Go it alone or invite a guide along to make your adventure even more memorable.  

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Maybe you've seen kayaking on television and would like to try it out. Or perhaps you've got some river miles under your belt. Either way, ACE Adventure Resort's custom kayak clinic is for you. We tailor each kayaking clinic, whether one-on-one or in a small group setting, to your goals and skill level. Our instructors are experts and set you up for success. 

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ACE Disc Golf Course

New to the ACE activity arsenal, we recently remodeled the west end of Mountain Top Campground into a disc golf course. If you’re not familiar with the sport, it’s golf played with flying discs and giant baskets.
The ACE course is a mix of long, open throws on the front side, followed by tight wooded holes on the back side. A great place to watch sunsets. There are 21 total holes ranging from 177 feet to over 400 feet. Get your friends together – it’s a great way to enjoy the day!


Adventure Education

Take adventure to the next level!  Whether solo, or with your organization, hands on and personalized education builds a safe and strong foundation for all your endeavors. With knowledge spanning multiple disciplines, you're invited to work with instructors that share a passion for outdoor adventure that is contagious! Gain experience on rock, in water and throughout many wilderness settings. Training and certification across numerous dynamic curriculums are available.

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