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New River Gorge Mud Obstacle Course



The Mud Obstacle Course is Better Than a Day at the Spa

Get Down, Get Dirty

Our mud obstacle course is designed to be the most fun you can have on vacation while getting as dirty as possible. After all, that's what vacations are for. Have a blast and worry about the mess later. As you work your way through the course you'll have slipped and slided your way through 8 fun filled events (brief description under More Info).
  • Tons of laughing, giggling and mud

Off-Road Mud Race

With a group of 10 or more, it's race time. Your guides are there through the whole experience to cheer you on. At the end, one team will be declared the winner, but honestly, when you're all covered head-to-toe in mud, everybody wins.

  • Trip Lenghth: Half Day
  • Meals: N/A
  • Season: May-Sept.
  • Minimum of 5 participants to book (10 for team races)
  • Minimum Age: 10 Years
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
Rate Per Person: $69

Off-Road Evening Mud Race

Get Down, Get Dirty

This trip is all about fun. Just grab your crew and dive feetfirst into Mud 101. Instead of head-to-head competition, this sampler lets you hit the course on your terms. There are no boundaries here. Test all of the obstacles at your own pace. With the sampler, everyone is a winner. And don’t forget your waterproof camera.

  • Trip Lenghth: 2 Hours
  • Start Time: 6 pm
  • Meals: N/A
  • Season: May-Sept.
  • Minimum of 5 participants to book
  • Minimum Age: 10 Years
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
Rate Per Person: $59

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This course has several obstacles that require the team to work together to complete tasks.

What to Wear:

  • Shorts and t-shirt that you don’t mind getting wet and muddy
  • Closed toed shoes that can get dirty on the trek to the course
  • Tight strap for glasses if you have to wear them
  • Insect Repellent
  • *And don't forget your waterproof camera!

ACE Provides:

  • Wetsuit – to put over your shorts and t-shirt
  • Booties (wetsuit shoes) since the mud will pull your shoes right off your feet
  • A muddy good time

Since the course is so, well, muddy, here's a heads up:

  • If you don’t want it to get dirty, don’t bring it
  • Jewelry, keys, watches, and electronics are a bad idea
  • If you can go without your glasses or contacts, this is the time - you can bring goggles
  • If someone is not participating, they are welcome to tag along and take pictures

What to Expect:

Here's the muddy, event-by-event rundown of what you can expect to find out there in the mud:

  • The Mud Obstacle Course was designed as a teambuilding activity (but it is also just fun to wade through) where teams of at least 5 each can compete against each other in the mud, mud and more mud. It is set up in two lines so that two teams can compete head-to-head.
  • Teamwork is the key to success as you battle your way throught these entertaining events.
  • With all the splashing and mud flying, goggles might not be a bad idea...

Commando Crawl

  • This first event is designed to get rid of all your mud inhibitions! Assuming a low crawling position on your hands and knees, you will race your way under a series of ropes and nets about 70-feet long. There is a lot of splashing and flying mud - It's a great muddy begining. Be careful, too much laughing and you might be tasting the mud! 
  • After the initial "Mud Shock" you will be ready for anything put in your path.


  • 80-feet long, you will attempt to maneuver over and under slippery, slimy and muddy logs to the end. It is very common to get a face full if your not careful - we call it "Getting some ACE in your face!" This is one of the most popular events that is guaranteed to getting everyone smiling... what's that in your teeth?

Slicky Slide

  • Centered in the middle of a giant mud pit, you will find a large slide that you have to attempt to climb up and over. Getting up the front side of the slide usually requires a little help from friends. Flying down the back side usually leads to a huge splash!  This event is always a big hit (splash)!

Mud Wall

  • One of the more physical events, teamwork is key here. You start off by jumping into a surprisingly deep pit, wading your way through the mud to a large wooden wall. There is a set of ropes hanging down from the top to help you climb. Get a good grip with your slippery hands and work your way up and over the top. The buddy system is critical in a race setting.

Old Fashion Mud Hole

  • Yep! Pretty self-explanatory. Jump in, wade across this 20-foot long pit to the other side and escape up a steep bank. Think of it as a spa mud treatment... no extra charge!

Balance Beams

  • This one can be a little intimadating. You will find two, spaced apart, large wooden beams, 10 inches in diameter, and 25-feet long spanning a pool. Trying to cross them without falling in... Hmmmmm, there may be a little luck involved in this accomplishment!

Lilly Pads

  • Hope you have your frog legs! Trying to leap across the murky waters (we've added several sharks in the water to make it a little more intersting - just joking) on a series a inflatable lilly pads from one side to the other without falling in can be tricky. The pads move with every little movement, making it difficult to keep your balance. Go luck with that!

Mud Rafts

  • This final event helps to clean off some of the mud. Jumping into rafts (usually upside down!) you will have to dig in and paddle yourself by hand to the end of the course. The copious amounts of splashing should make a dent in your muddy exterior, but don't count on it!

This one-of-a-kind unique adventure is one you wont forget in a long time... and your friends wont belive your stories!

The Mud Obstacle Course is perfect for:

  • Boy Scouts
  • Girl Scouts
  • Non-Profit and Church Groups
  • Corporate Teambuilding
It can also be combined with one of our other great treambuilding challenge course activities.

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