10 Map Points On The Gauley River You Need To Know

Maps of the Gauley River are cool. Especially if you’re thinking about doing a whitewater rafting trip.

Here are 10 points you should pay particular attention to on this Gauley Map:


10. Notice how close the put in spot (at the very top) is to the first rapid. It’s that close in real life, too.

9. The names in black represent “Extreme Whitewater”. There are 11 rapids under this category.

8. Sweet’s Falls, one of the biggest rapids on the river, is ACE’s lunch spot for the Upper Gauley.

7. Wood’s Ferry Rapid is where the Upper Gauley ends and the Lower Gauley begins on ACE trips.

6. There are 43 named rapids mapped on the Upper Gauley.

5. There are 30 named rapids mapped on the Lower Gauley.

4. ACE has an exclusive takeout on the river at Sugar Creek. All the other raft companies have to paddle a “considerable” amount of flatwater to get out.

3. The international scale of river difficulty rates rapids I-VI, but on our map we’ve categorized them according to huge-osity.

2. There’s no scale on the map (except the rapid of that name, just below Pillow Rock), but from the dam to our Sugar Creek takeout is 23 miles.

1. Rapids on the map are smaller than they actually appear in real life :-)

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