10 Ways Rafting The Gauley River Is Better Than Work

It’s Monday.  You’re at work.  Again.

But wouldn’t it have been better if you’d have called in sick to go whitewater rafting?  Of course it would have!*


Especially to go rafting on the Gauley River.  Here are 10 quick reasons why rafting is better than work:

10.  Wave to the face?  Better than coffee.

9.  It’s always better to have a guide screaming at you than to have your boss screaming at you.

8.  You can get in trouble for surfing at work.

7.  Sitting 30 feet from a Class V rapid while eating lunch helps with digestion.

6.  Every time you finish something on the river, everyone high-fives and yells.

5.  A wetsuit looks cooler than a regular suit.

4.  Watching a video of what you did on the river is way more fun than watching a video of what you did at work.

3.  The view from the office on the Gauley is amazing (and the wallpaper changes every autumn).

2.  Two words:  Pillow Rock

And the #1 reason whitewater rafting on the Gauley River is better than work …

1.  You don’t have to get up to go to the bathroom :-)

Got any more?  Post ‘em in the comments.  See you on the river!

* ACE Adventure Resort would never, ever, ever condone stretching the truth to your work about being sick to raft the Gauley with us, even though it would be so much fun if you just stayed another day.  I mean, in 10 years, you’d never remember that day at work, but your Gauley trip would be an experience that you’d probably tell your grandchildren about.  It’s why you work in the first place, right? And you deserve it, anyway, ’cause you’re busting your butt all the time, and, hey, how about just taking care of you for a change? It’s just one little day, after all.  Not that we endorse that kind of thing.

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