1200 Square Feet Of Tiled Luxury

Considering my bathroom at home is the size a of Cracker Jack box with a doorknob, I was thrilled to hear we were expanding our main shower house facilities at ACE.

And thankfully, those in charge opted to improve the ladies bathroom first. As you can see from the photos, it’s well on its way to completion. The finished renovation will include:

  • 1,200 square feet of tiled luxury,
  • 30-feet of counter space,
  • 10 shower stalls each with a private changing area,
  • 8 sinks,
  • 5 private bathrooms, and
  • 1 handicap combo.

All this space will be heated and air conditioned for our comfort.

You ladies remember those days not so long ago — OK, last week — getting cleaned up after a day on the river was somewhat challenging in our old quarters. Try peeling off a wetsuit and keeping your clean clothes from getting wet in a 3-foot-by-2-foot space!

I think you had to have the flexibility of a yoga master to maneuver between the toilet and double doors, get the doors shut, straddle the toilet and take care of business. No offense, but I’m thinking a few men designed that space. Well, no more!

Alright, men have designed the new space, but I have had the pleasure of inspecting it on occasion, and I must say they have outdone themselves. It’s a great place to bathe at your leisure, coif your hair and paint your face, have conversations about the day, and even slip into your wetsuit.

It’s the perfect way to wrap your whitewater rafting adventure at ACE.

Check back in soon. There are more photos to come.

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