2010: A Year In The Life Of ACE

It seems like yesterday that we were ringing in the 2010 New Year in knee deep in snow.  But it was actually last January.  Duh.

Suddenly (or maybe not), November rolled in.  Another year for ACE Adventure Resort is coming to a close. And you? You were Awesome.

Hey, We’re On TV!

Right out of the gate, this was a banner year for guests of ACE (that’s you!).  Our feature on the Travel Channel’s Extreme Resorts show as North America’s largest adventure resort exposed us to viewers who had never heard of us and decided to visit.  Which was cool.  Friends of mine all over the country would send me Facebook messages that they had seen ACE on TeeVee.

I can say that it was always exciting cruising through the channels and seeing the place where I work featured.  Probably like seeing the place you went on vacation featured.  It’s like when your friend’s kid is on the news; you gotta watch.


A highlight for the year? It has to be the wedding of two friends, Phil Dudley and Kate Howard.  They met as guides at ACE and got married locally and had their reception at ACE.   It was a gorgeous occasion and made me realize what a great destination ACE is for weddings.

I always cry.  Don’t tell anybody.

Zipping Through The Trees

Something very cool this year was the renovation and expansion of our Zip Line Canopy Tour.  Beanstalk Journeys, our pro zip line builder, has done an amazing job building new launches, dismounts and lines.

My favorite has to be line #3, a 680-foot zip.  Amazing views of the New River Gorge on that one. During the summer, rafters on the river will be able to see us zipping through the trees.  So we got that going for us.  Which is nice.

Three new lines have opened in the last six weeks.  Guests (you?) who visited this summer need to come back this winter and give it another try.  Pleeeease.  It’s so worth it.  Those three lines alone have added over 1,000-feet to our existing tour.


We Did Some Rafting, Too

Let’s not forget Gauley Season.  There seemed to be more enthusiasm and excitement this time around.  Maybe it was just me.   But autumn’s Indian Summer didn’t hurt, either.  Rafting the Gauley in 70-degree weather is very … what’s the word? Agreeable.

Yes.  That’s it.

This review’s just a drop in the bucket of all of the memories you guys created this year at ACE.  What’s your favorite?

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