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Perfect to let sit when you’re conversing around the fire or getting things done around the campsite, add some potatoes, veggies (carrots, celery, and onion make great additions), and steak meat to a large pot with broth and let stew for about one hour! Continue reading

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A figure eight knot is a climber’s go-to knot for all sorts of things. But most common, you’ll see it used to attach the rope to a person’s harness so they can safely climb. If you’re in a pickle and your dog is running loose, this knot can make a quick leash. It also works well when you find your car needs removed from a ditch. Just wrap the loop around the tow hitch and pull.
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When you’re embarking on a white water rafting trip in the summer, you’ll probably be thinking more about how much fun you’re going to have than about the amount of sun that you’re getting. But, if you’re hitting the river when minimal clothing is required, that can be a big mistake! Continue reading

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The first European settlers came to make a life along the banks of the New River almost 150 years ago. In it’s “hey-day,” there were over 20 coal mining towns throughout the New River Gorge. Once thriving communities, places like Nuttallburg, Kaymoor, Caperton, and Buery are all ghost towns today. Continue reading

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Check out this quick demo from ACE Adventure Gear Shoppe about one of the many fishing kayaks they have in stock. Fishing kayaks are a great way to get to remote spots on lower volume rivers and undiscovered coves on lakes without the same price and environmental impact associated with conventional fishing boats. Come ask Brad and Casey (our resident experts) about getting a demo for a day*.

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We make our way along the New River’s bank, cautiously stepping from one boulder to the next. Bundles of driftwood and debris are scattered in random pockets amongst the rocks and trees, evidence of the last high water event. Our boats are securely tied just upstream, near the end of a relatively slow moving flat water pool. As we boulder hop further down stream, the chaotic mess of whitewater that minutes earlier existed just beyond the horizon of current is now coming fully into view. Continue reading

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