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2013 was the 10th anniversary of the event, and it was a night to remember. The VBC is a film festival featuring the work of the video boaters who film whitewater trips on the New & Gauley Rivers. Their videos are judged by a panel of industry peers in several categories. Continue reading

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Remember that the river is always changing and every time you raft, it’s just as exciting as your first. Plus, after you tell your vacation stories (and they are cooler than everyone else’s) we are positive that your friends and family will want to come along on your next visit. Continue reading

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From the vantage point of your board you can take in the beautiful fall colors and smells, not to mention wildlife, as you paddle gently downstream. What other way to balance out the wild ride the Gauley provides? Continue reading

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Hopefully this helps those who will be shooting some white water with a Go Pro Camera on their next rafting trip. I only covered the basics, but they are a good foundation to build on. Continue reading

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It would take a lifetime to cover all charted climbs, between the Gorge, Summersville Lake and the Meadows there is over 65 miles of cliff faces to scale including over 1700 recognized routes to climb, that range from challengingly easy to impressively difficult. Continue reading

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Wear shoes that give you ample room to move your toes. If there’s any significant pressure on any part of your feet, it’ll restrict blood flow and freeze your feet up much faster than if you have wiggle room. Even booties a size too big will keep you warm as your feet will quickly heat up the water sloshing around in there – whereas one size too small is sure to keep your toes numb in cold water. Continue reading

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You are busy soaring through the trees on the zip line or breaking huge waves on the river, that when you see the majestic wildlife that has made its home in the gorge, you are taken by surprise. We aren’t talking deer and sweet little chipmunks. Continue reading

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