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Outdoor Lifestyle Books Worth Reading Books are worth reading anytime of the year. While it’s great to laze away summer days in the hammock, I find I don’t mind winter nearly as much all cozied up with a good book. … Continue reading

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When you make your living on the river you understand the truth in the words of David Suzuki, ‘We all live downstream.’ West Virginia made national news last week as a State of Emergency was declared, when over 300,000 people … Continue reading

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I’ve always been intrigued by hummingbirds — enjoying their undisguised curiosity as I relax on the front porch of our house. But like most people, I knew next to nothing about why they do what they do beyond that watchful … Continue reading

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Did you know about Didymo? Rock Snot, Algea Lugee’s whatever you want to call it, Didymo is the grossest slippery invasion of freshwater rivers.  Didymosphenia geminate, is easier spread than said and way more difficult to get rid of than … Continue reading

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