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As the ground finally thaws, flowers begin to bloom and birds serenade me each morning, my junior year of college winds to an end, and the promise of another year of adventure begins to renew itself. I couldn’t possibly be … Continue reading

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Get ready for ACE Adventure Resort’s first Mountain Music Festival! An eclectic mix of bands from various musical genres and festival circuit favorites round out a line-up that is sure to please. Jam bands, funk bands, alternative Bluegrass, Americana and well, there are some that don’t fit any genre. We’ll just say they freaking rock. Continue reading

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Kayaker Nathan Barbier is no stranger to wild and daring adventures and this double waterfall drop in Norway is liquid proof. It’s a wild and scary looking ride, but all’s well that ends well. Continue reading

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Another advantage of spring rafting is that not all the trees are in bloom so you can see a lot of the old remains of the coal mine towns of the New River. It’s amazing how much more of the old bridges, coke ovens, company stores and rock ledges can be seen on the river in the spring.
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