3 Secrets For Vacation Lovers

Okay, maybe they’re not “secrets”.

They’re reminders, things you already knew but might have forgotten about.  You know, in all the excitement.

Still, it’s worth putting out there.  After all, there’s nothing more important on a vacation than time, right?  Time’s precious.  We don’t get a ton of it.  So when we take it, it’s got to be worth every second.

Get Everything In While You're On Vacation

These 3 secret reminders (?!) are tips for your time.  Just a little something to make sure you’re squeezing the juice out of the clock.  You deserve it.

1.  Do Everything. Seriously, the main regret for most on-vacation-type-folks is that they didn’t do this or that.  And, yes, cost is a consideration for almost all of us.  And, yes, so is time.  But with some planning, and a little strategic tightening of the belt a few weeks before (do you really need to see that flick as soon as it hits the theater?),  you can get every little crumb of goodness into your time off.

2. Do Nothing. Just as importantly, schedule in a little time off on your time off.  Picture it:  you’re in your underwear, a cup of coffee and a big bowl of Sugar Smacks in front of you.  The paper is laid out on the table.  Maybe you’re about to do the crossword, or watch a little mindless TV.  Or, better yet, you’re looking out the window of your cabin, listening to the birds, watching the wind blow through the trees.  Yeah, you’ve got to get some of that in there, too.

3.  Document The Whole Thing. You know, it sounds kind of obvious.  But unless you have it in mind to really make this happen, you end up with a few shots right before you leave, and that’s it.  So go big.  Pics.  Video.  Write in the guest registy.  Write on your blog (because of course you blog, right?) and tell the world.  These are your memories, and if we’re being honest, you can’t remember last week all that clearly.  So get it all down.

That’s it.  The big three.  Are they right?  What’d we miss?

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