5 Holiday Wishes for You from New River Country

With Christmas only a couple of days away it’s hard not to think about family and friends, football and eggnog. In fact, I just woke up from an eggnog induced coma to write this post. Even though the holiday season is full steam ahead, we still have one foot outdoors. And as we prepare to greet the day, we hold in our minds an image of what the perfect world might look like.

And in that image we see you.

As you prepare to tuck into a nice holiday feast or sing songs or sleep during one of countless college bowl games, know that we are thinking about you and what 2012 may bring. We hope you:

1. Take time to play with the ones you love.

Whether it be a marathon of Monopoly or watching “A Christmas Story” for the eleventy-hundredth time or firing up a big country breakfast just as the sun is peeking over the horizon, take time to truly enjoy those around you.

2. Take time to help someone

Last minute lights need stringing? Someone you know spending the holidays alone? A local organization or charity need help with a fund drive? Don’t be afraid to ask if you can help. Too often we worry about imposing on others and struggle alone. Sometimes all it takes is as simple offer to renew our faith in each other.

3. Take time to thank people

A few kind words go a long way. We all want to feel appreciated. Few things spread joy as much a simple “thank you”, especially when it’s for some everyday thing such as doing dishes or stacking firewood or taking care of each other.

4. Take time to be good to yourself

Get outside and breath in the cool air wherever you are. Hear the rain pelting your umbrella or the snow crunching beneath your feet. Take time to read your favorite book or tinker on a fun project you’ve put off to go to work or do laundry. Whatever it is that gives you a little peace or gets you excited about the possibilities, enjoy it.

5. Get outside

This can be as simple as a hike or a bike ride. Visit your local state parks and explore, see the world as you’ve never seen it before. You don’t have to be like those guys in the old Mountain Dew commercial, just enjoy the feel of the sun on your face or the bite of the winter wind or the hush of fresh fallen snow. Celebrate this awesome planet in all its moods.

Happy holidays from all of us at ACE and may 2012 be the best year yet.

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