5 Reasons To Take A Winter Getaway Here With Us

The weather outside is well…..less than inspiring for whitewater rafting in West Virginia.


But who cares? We don’t. And you shouldn’t either. Don’t think that ACE isn’t a great option when it comes to a little winter getaway. It is. Promise.

Here are five reasons to take a winter vacation to the mountains and snuggle up with us. Not literally, but … you know.

1. The Savings— Winter around here is super-mega-awesome-SALE-time. Check out our winter specials to entice you to brave the outdoors and venture over here to the New River Gorge.

2. The Quiet— This time of year is just right to come up here and recharge. See that pic up there? It’s from one family who did just that. Bet you’d like one of you doing something cool, huh?

3. The Getaway— Got a corporate retreat, meeting or project management session? Groups of 10-12 fit nicely up here.  If you need a little creative spark, a quick glance out the window into the wild wintery-wonderland-land ought to do it.

4. The New Stuff— Our new zip line additions are up, and you can be one of the first to check it out. Manager Josh Sapio says that the zips this time of year, surrounded by the snow covered trees, are simply magical (I’m paraphrasing. Josh did not say, “simply magical,” but it would be funny to think about what that would sound like).

5. The Awesome— Slide on your boots and celebrate the season. Zip lines, climbing, hiking, horseback riding, ATV tours and nearby downhill skiing and tubing are just some of the activities that are available during your visit.

ACE rawks during the winter. You can have a great vacation, save a ton of cash, and get some forever-type memories. But it only happens if you’re here.

So come here.


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