5 Reasons Your Whitewater Rafting Trip Can Beat Up Other Vacations

Whitewater rafting in West Virginia sets the bar pretty freakin’ high as far as vacations go.

Why?  Because no one likes boring.  And vacations here in the mountains are the kryptonite of boring.

Kittens Fighting In The Bathtub by www.metaphoricalplatypus.com via flickr creative commons


When you finally get some time away, you want to bring the fun like Lebron brings game.  Like Martha Stewart brings a glue gun.  Like Raffi brings Baby Beluga.

(That last one’s just for parents, pretty much.)

In short, you want to make sure your vacation can beat up other vacations when it comes to fun. Not that we’re advocating vacation-on-vacation violence.  We’re not.

It’s just a way to be positive that your time is really, really well spent.  Here are 5 activities that do just that:

1.  Run Some Rapids What’s cool about whitewater rafting is that (rapids + raft) x (nervous + excited) = something for everyone.  If you didn’t get the equation, don’t worry; we’re no good at math either.  It just means that, no matter what difficulty rapids you choose to do, it’s fun.  Team extreme on the Gauley or Upper New River family float, it’s all good.

2.  Zip Some Canopy Just curious: on your last vacation, did you fly without the use of a plane?  Would you like to?  Imagine zipping around from tree to tree like a squirrel jacked on Starbucks, and that’s a step in the right direction.  Zip Line Canopy Tours rock.  That is all.

3.  Swim Some Lake The ACE Lake is what you’d get if you took equal parts Six Flags, Wipeout, and Baywatch and mashed them up.  Except for the Baywatch part, kind of.  It’s a wet, inflatable obstacle course.  It’s the bouncy castle for grown-ups, too.  It’s what a day at the lake should be.

4.  Walk Some Bridge The New River Gorge Bridge is gi-mungous.  Almost 1000 feet above the river.  And if you think walking across the 2-foot-wide catwalk that’s suspended directly under it might be cool, take the Bridge Walk tour.  You get to see the gorge from an angle that few people ever see:  above the middle of it.

5.  Sleep Some Late Yes, sleeping late counts as vacation awesome-ness.  But only if you’re doing it in style (read: not at Motel 5).  Our cabins are what you’d build if you were thinking, “What’s more comfortable than a Snuggie full of kittens?”  And there are tons of options, which is nice if you like, um, a lot of options.

So, what’d we miss?  What else makes ACE Vacations make other vacations tap out?

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