5 Things Hurricane Sandy Taught West Virginia

Winter in the New River Gorge

What Hurricane Sandy Taught WV

Most Americans will leave 2012 remembering the devastation of Hurricane Sandy and the huge impact on WV.  However for most West Virginians, the word Derecho rings up memories of the ultimate in unusual natural disasters. And its important to note, it received only a fraction of the media exposure.

  • You never know when having some country skills will come in handy. Things like cooking all meals on a propane stove or grill or owning and operating a chainsaw to help a friend out of their driveway, these are the skills West Virginian’s put to the test during this storm.
  • Seeing the New River Gorge covered with a thick blanket of snow is a truly magical sight. So few WV tourists get to see the gorge this way. Yet if you live here, you know it’s quite a sight.
  • Although we often times love hurricane season because it makes the New River’s water volume increase, this hurricane armed with its vast power outages were not loved by even the burliest of winter paddlers (at least none I know).

Simply put, there is nothing more important in this world than having good friends and family. During this storm, there were countless times where I saw our community come together and overcome the obstacles Mother Nature threw at us. Thanks WV for making us proud by overcoming the challenges that come with living in these mountains we know as home.

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