5 Things People Don’t Understand About West Virginia

New River Gorge, West Virginia

The mountains of West Virginia have been my home for a little over 21 years now. I was born, raised, educated, employed and continue to live in this majestic state. Over the years, I have heard more than a fair amount of silly stigmas about my lady WV. Because I work in social media at ACE Adventure Resort, I talk to guests from all over the globe. This is a list of 5 things the world should know regarding our state.

5 Things People don’t understand about West Virginia:

1.    We are a tropical climate
I’m fully aware that we aren’t some remote island across the world. However, our weather is often unique to the rest of the United States. One week it will rain so much that we think we will become the sequel to Water World starring Kevin Costner. The next week it will snow and the following week it will be a high of 80 degrees and you’ll find us outdoors soaking up the sun. This has really happened guys. Keeps it interesting that’s for sure.

2.    We are not all cast members of “Deliverance”
This is one joke I have heard all too many times. Yes we have seen the movies. It’s never wise to trust Hollywood though. In actuality, our state is filled with a wide range of people, from all over the world. People escape their own state to come to ours. As a West Virginia native, I can say that working at ACE Adventure Resort, I am one of few that are originally FROM this state. Many of our employees came to us because their own state left them feeling without sense of adventure in their lives.

3.    There’s nothing to do here
We aren’t known for our malls that’s for sure. Although we do have movie theatres, clubs, live music and a multitude of outdoor activity. I spend my own summers rafting world class rapids, zip lining, by the lake with my friends by day and dancing to live music by night. I rarely find myself desiring the boredom of the mall thanks to this great state.

4.    We only listen to country music
No. Being interested in a wide variety of music, I can assure you I don’t have to look very far when wanting something sweet to listen to. Punk, rock, pop, oldies, funk, we love them all. Not to mention that ACE is contributing to West Virginia’s music scene greatly with its very own Mountain Music Festival; featuring bluegrass bands, rockabilly, funk, punk and folk bands.  We like to toe tap and booty bump just like the rest of ‘em.

5.    Coal is our only industry
The coal mining industry is an important guy in West Virginia, yes. However, recently this industry is dwindling down. What keeps us alive? We offer an outdoor tourism industry that showcases the beauty of our state in the best way possible. As mentioned before, you guys come to us for adventure, keep that in mind.

Don’t be narrow minded about this great state. We are made up of a wide variety of people and activities set out in beautiful, mountainous land. Don’t cheat yourself. Come explore and you’ll understand a whole lot more about West Virginia.

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  • ? Chad Smith ?

    I am one that moved here from another state and I am now a Mountaineer at heart….That will never leave me…..This land is my home….The best place on earth :)

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