5 Things You Should Never Bring on the Gauley

Everyone’s always talking about what to bring on your Gauley rafting trip, what to wear, what to eat, how to behave and so on. What about what not to bring?

Have you ever shown up to a party thinking it was a costume party, only it wasn’t?

What? No? Oh, um, us either. But if you did, we’re sure it would be quite embarrassing.

To help you avoid similar embarrassment when you raft on the Gauley, here are 5 absolute no-nos to leave at home when packing for your white water extravaganza.

1.  Chinchilla

What to bring instead: A hat. It’s always good idea to have something to keep the sun out of your eyes and keep the heat in your noggin. Little known fact: Chinchillas don’t stay on your head for more than a few minutes at a time.

2. Anvil

What to bring instead: A disposable waterproof camera. Can’t take pictures with an anvil, can you? Your team will thank you afterwards for not dragging them down, trust us.

3. Powdered Laundry Detergent

What to bring instead: Sunscreen. Paddling through early morning Gauley mist is a thrilling experience. Paddling through soapsuds would tip it into the surreal. Plus when the sun breaks through and burns off the mist, you’re going to be glad you brought sunscreen.

4. Hummel Collectible Figurines

What to bring instead: Your Warrior Face. Your Warrior Face weighs nothing and, despite what QVC will tell you, is far more valuable. Besides, broken Hummel figurines are like little ceramic tears in the bottom of your dry bag.

5. Clown Shoes

What to bring instead: Sandals or old sneakers. You’ll be able to brace better and get around a lot easier on shore without the clown shoes. Plus, we’re pretty sure they don’t put stealth rubber on the bottom of those things.

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  • Moondancer

    Jeez. and I really liked the shoes!

  • Jen

    That was very helpful. Thank-you!

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