5 Ways Whitewater Rafting In the Spring Is Awesome

Whitewater rafting in the spring.  It’s a lot different from rafting in the summer, especially in West Virginia.

For starters, it’s earlier in the year.  Ha!  Kidding! Obvious. You knew that one, right?

Okay, here are five real reasons that spring rafting rocks:

1.  It’s huge. The whitewater, that is.  Really, really huge.  Ginormous.  Humongo.  Big-tabulous.  However you want to say it, here on the New River (and the Lower Gauley, a few times each year), the waves get full-on Titanic-sized.  Wait, maybe that’s not a good word to use.  Just think, “big.”

2.  It’s cheap. You can save a lot of money rafting in the spring.  We have deals and specials like always, but in the early season, they’re a little more special-er.  Wow- bigger whitewater for less.  Someone could make a rafting company with a name like that.

3.  It’s cold. Okay, we’re not going to lie- spring whitewater is chilly willy.  But that, amazingly enough, is one of the things people talk about fondly about their trips.  Seriously.  We’ve learned through extensive animal testing (on you) that cold water brings people closer together.  Crazy, but true.

4.  It’s private. In the spring, you get the river to yourself.  If there are other trips out on the river at all, you’re all like, “Hey, can you believe this?!” And they’re all like, “I know! Awesome! We’re going to go up here and get out of your way!”  And you’re all, “Cool.  We’ve got the river to ourselves again.”

5.  It’s AOR. That stands for Adult Oriented Rafting.  The kids are still in school, and they’ve all got their rafting trips planned for the summer, and they’re (mostly) not going twice, sooooooo, spring trips are usually … okay, a lot of times … okay, sometimes, kiddo free.  No promises.

Why else does spring rafting contain loads of awesome?  Tell us what you think in the comments.

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  • Rick1

    Spring Wildflowers! A hike through the many miles of private trails at ACE – especially down by the river in early April and May is amazing!!! Go down Arbuckle Trail and you will see thousands of Trillium and other flowers. Photographers clean your camera lens… Did you know that the bottom of the gorge blooms months before the top and is 10 to 15 degrees warmer?

  • Rick1

    Also… the water levels on the New River in the spring often exceed the mighty Colorado River – in fact, the New River is one of the biggest commercially run rivers in the country! And the gorge is even more spectacular right before the leaves start to hide all of it’s secrets. It’s one of my favorite times to challenge the New!

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