5 West Virginia Activities You Must Do

WV mapWild and wonderful West Virginia activities and location offer a premier spot to take part in adventure. These top five West Virginia activities are something that everyone can enjoy.

5. Go hiking

This is a great adventure to keep in shape and enjoy the outside world! In general, to hike the beautiful hills of West Virginia means to not only get a good work out in, but to also get an up close and personal view of the breath taking scenery and wild life. West Virginia offers a plethora of parks by which to start your adventure. This would be a great time to take pictures and simply bask in the outdoor wonders. Hiking is an activity that is very flexible. You can do it individually, or even with a pet or group of friends. All in all, this is a great West Virginia activity to do that not only aids your health but keeps your wallet happy as well. You may like it so much, that you have a new healthy hobby on your hands.

4. Take advantage of our winter resorts

Once the harsh winter rolls around this may leave you wondering what to do with yourself and feeling cooped indoors. All hope is not lost! West Virginia has some of the best resorts for winter adventure. Snowboarding and skiing are obvious options. From getting lessons and learning a new craft as a beginner or simply enhancing skills you may have, West Virginia’s outdoor realm only expands in those chilly months. For the children, there is snow tubing that will keep them happily entertained for hours on end. After spending some time with your newest winter activity, heading inside for something warm to drink by the fire only adds to a perfect day.

3. Attend a town event

The best way to get a true feel for a place is to meet the locals. What better way to do this then to attend an event in one of West Virginia’s many pleasant towns! A Taste of Appalachia held in Beckley is a stand out. This tasty event is sure to leave a smile on your face. It is held in the uptown streets that are full of locals, live bands and yummy treats. This delicious night out will give you that true West Virginia small home town feel, fill your belly and connect you to kind, fun loving locals.

2. Visit Bridge Day

Bridge day is an apex event to attend in wonderful West Virginia! This event is held atop the New River Gorge Bridge. The bridge is the second largest single span steel arch in the Western Hemisphere. To be at such great heights is immediately a fun, new experience. There are tons of great vendors to view, food stands that will leave you drooling and base jumpers to watch. Yes, there are thrill seekers out there that line up one after another to jump from this mighty height. For those of us who enjoy a stable surface, watching is a great activity to take part in. It seems that from every angle of the bridge something exciting is going on that you will definitely not want to miss.

1. Go Whitewater Rafting

Finally, the pinnacle of adventure in West Virginia has been named! Whitewater Rafting is a great activity from many different angles. West Virginia features the New River which is a prime location for a rafting riot. The Gauley has been continuously named as one of the most exciting and best sections to raft in the world. This activity is thrilling and gives you the adrenaline rush you may be seeking. This is a great activity to do with family or friends as it is a prime bonding experience and teaches teamwork. ACE Adventure Resort offers multiple rafting packages for you to tailor your fun filled trip to your group’s liking. The foaming whitewater, breath taking mountains, wildlife and the New River Gorge Bridge are all views that you can take in while sharing in this invigorating experience. Overall, this is one of the top West Virginia activities you must do because you will simply not get another life experience quite like this one.

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