A Close to a Wonderful Gauley Season

Gauley SeasonAs the daylight becomes shorter and the temperature gets chillier, Gauley season at ACE is coming to an end. We definitely ended it with a bang on the Gauley!
Rafting, zip line, ATV, paintball, horseback riding, paddle boarding, climbing and rappelling, bridge walk, mud obstacle, and countless other activities full of adventure taking place at ACE, no wonder you’re hooked on adrenaline. No doubt our employees made just as many great memories as our guests did.

We at ACE are already looking forward to next season and having you back for the wild ride! After you have spent some time with us once, you may be wondering, what could possibly make my adventure different next season?

Remember that the river is always changing and every time you raft, it’s just as exciting as your first. Plus, after you tell your vacation stories (and they are cooler than everyone else’s) we are positive that your friends and family will want to come along on your next visit.

So here’s to another Gauley season of adventure here at ACE, great memories, and new excitement next season! We thank you for coming to raft the gnarly rapids, adventure the apex of the zip line, and paint each other in paintball and we look forward to seeing you again!

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