A Coed’s Brain On Adventure Vacation, Part 2

Recently, ACE whitewater rafting and adventure vacation scientists decided to experiment on several ordinary American college students, super-cool young men and women, just to see what would happen.

We substituted their normal spring break with a stay in a cabin in the New River Gorge region of West Virginia here at ACE. We provided the adventures, in the form of Bridge Walks, zip line canopy tours, and hiking in the New River Gorge.

And a cabin with a hot tub.

What follows are the results, as described to us by the people in Venture Crew 365* from the University of Evansville in Evansville, Indiana. This one? It’ll give you a good idea of what a spring break in the mountains is all about.

Hiking through downy snow was the last thing I ever would have expected doing during my first college spring break.

No stereotypical shenanigans on sun kissed beaches, lying about broiling amongst way too many inebriated peers. Rather, we have been able to wander all throughout the snowy hills of West Virginia.

It has been absolutely gorgeous. I’ve gotten to see and to experience an area of the United States I have personally never been to before. The rolling hills have been a welcome relief to the flat land of where we go to school, and so I have been pretty psyched that ACE enabled us to spend every moment exploring or relaxing.

The chalets are tucked away in lovely locations that allow you to wander right from your doorstep and into beauty. They provide peaceful places to relax after a busy day outside with a fantastic TV, convenient kitchen and large beds. By far the most amazing part of the chalet was the hot tub, we spend our evening hours in there to unwind and talk about the adventures of the day.

Because all of us went to different activities we had lots to talk about. I went on the zip line tour and was thrilled the entire way, zipping through the trees and seeing all of the stunning views of River Gorge. I can barely begin to imagine how much more spectacular ACE would be in the leisure of summer or the beauty of fall.

But I do know that I will be visiting again to see every season in this amazing place.

And there you have it. College spring break ACE style. Sounds cool, huh?

*Venturing is a part of the Boy Scouts of America, but it’s co-ed and the age limit is 21. It is quite possibly the greatest program ever invented for young people to get involved in. Their adventures are pretty much only limited by the imaginations of each Crew. We’re big fans.

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