A Little Love For The Ladies Of Lunch

Have you ever stopped to think about who prepares and packs the wonderful lunches we have on the river?

Our lunch crew has been with us for years, and deserves kudos for the number of meals they have prepared over the years. They order, prepare, package, place in coolers and consistently make sure you have a great riverside lunch or overnight meal.How do you figure out how many loaves of bread to order, potato salad to make, and even how much peanut butter and jelly to pack for those who prefer a simpler lunch?

Phyllis, “Mom,”,Connie and the rest of the crew have been in the food service for many years, and I actually first met them when we were based out of Glen Jean and they had a restaurant called the Dinner Bell.

The Dinner Bell was within walking distance of the old base, and had some of the best food around. Mom’s Steak hoagie was the best!

After the building they were in burned down, we were lucky enough to convince Phyllis to come work for ACE. She, “Mom” and the rest of the bunch have adapted as we made the change from deli style lunches to the hot grilled lunches we serve on our raft trips today.

You won’t see them around ACE very often since their days start in the wee morning hours while everyone else is still asleep. But I want everyone to know what a fantastic job they do of making sure you don’t leave an ACE lunch hungry.

Now that just covers the lunches! Who feeds hundreds of people breakfast, lunch from the Bear’s Den, dinner in the Dining Hall and libations and late evening snacks in the Lost Paddle Bar & Grill?

Valerie Ritter and Randy Blevins lead our on-base food service. They work endless hours making sure you are served meals that are prepared fresh daily. The staff is invariably cheerful and truly want to provide you, our guests, the best possible dining experience. We may not have white linen napkins or a lot of glitz, but we do have exceptionally good food!

What’s your favorite dish at ACE? Is there something you think we should put on the menu?

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