A Poem About the Gauley


Editor’s Note: This is a Great Gauley Blog-Off contest submission. Terms and rules are listed at the end of this post and your essay and poem submissions are being accepted through Sept. 7, 2010.

The Gauley River

By: Kym Falkler

I once rafted the Gauley River.

Each rapid gave me quite a shiver.

My friends in the raft told me I was acting like a child.

Our guide just looked at me and smiled.

I was dreading Sweet’s Falls so much.

But I was pretty psyched about lunch.

Our guide said this will be a cakewalk.

But then he pointed out the ejector rock.

I had come to terms with the end of my life.

I figured I had been a pretty good wife.

We went down the falls and we DIDN’T eject!

We sat on the riverbank and watched shipwreck after shipwreck.

My friends are still a bit bitter,

About me being a giant chicken on the Gauley River.

Rafting the Gauley again sure would be swell.

Being scared to death, this time, I just won’t tell.


Contest Prompts/Terms:
To enter the Contest, your computer must accept cookies, or any successor or similar technology, so that ACE is able to track your entries in the Contest.
You may submit your entry by providing your full name, email address and essay text on the Contest Submission Form located on the ACE website at http://www.aceraft.com/great-gauley-blog-off.html
You may submit an essay that discusses in 100-750 words any one (1) of the following:
A. Which famous person you would like to take rafting and why
B. Your favorite Gauley River rafting guide and why
C. A poem written by you about whitewater rafting in West Virginia
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