ACE Adventure Resort’s 80′s Blast

At a time when large hair was a must, Duran Duran ruled the speakers and every one’s mind was on Molly Ringwald, ACE Adventure Resort was just beginning its own tubular adventure. Becoming officially incorporated in 1980, ACE Adventure Resort was a much different story than it is today. The first white water rafting trip was actually run from a motel room in the old Chuck Wagon Motel, now the Whitewater Inn. The 80s may have been a time for great hair and music but it was a time of growth and innovation for ACE as a company. Pioneering the now popular self bailing rafts, it is that same innovation that has continued to drive ACE on its own successful adventure.

white water rafting in the 80's

Back in the day…

Just as everyone does, we love to look back at the 80s, reminisce and see how far we’ve come. To commemorate these many rad years, ACE will be offering it’s 80s white water rafting trip prices! Appreciating the 80s has never been more exciting than it is now. While we won’t make you bust out your hammer pants, if you feel the need to explore your old 80s garb while also exploring the world of adventure that is known as ACE Adventure Resort, then so be it. The opportunity to travel back in time on a raft may never come again, and we’re sure this one would be Marty McFly approved. ACE is just the place to peek back into the 80s realm of adventure.

To find out more about these flashback prices. Go to our homepage or check us out on Facebook.

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  • Justin

    Oh how I miss the 80′s! Would love to get out on that side of the country and go white water rafting with the kids. Good times!

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