ACE Is A Winter Wonderland For West Virginia Vacations

I’m very fortunate to be allowed to live at ACE year round, and winter is one of my favorite times of the year. Crowds of hungry birds, flying squirrels and other critters replace the many guests. When the snow flies, it is unbelievably quiet here.If we get too much snow, the ACE crew clears the roads on property so everyone can get in and out, and the highway department does a fantastic job of keeping the road into ACE cleared.

And I, too, have my own hot tub — sitting in your own, private hot tub while the wind and snow are blowing all around you is a magical experience.

Watching the birds flock around the feeders is mesmerizing, but the flying squirrels are the most fascinating. Most people have never seen one, but we’ve been feeding them for the past 15 years and I swear they get tamer each year. You can reach out and pet them before they glide away. They don’t stay gone long, though — they’re right back at the feeder within minutes.

On my days off, I can sit in my living room with an expansive view of the woods, and when Sam (our dog) starts barking, there’s usually a deer or some wild turkeys making their way through the woods.

When the roads aren’t too bad, we’ll drive to Thurmond. The road follows Dunloup creek and twists and turns its way to the river, and is a beautiful drive any time of the year. It is also where the other end of the Minden-Thurmond trail ends, and the hiking trails here at ACE that connect to it are also a favorite of mine.

I love hearing the snow crunch under my boots when it’s really, really cold, but if you bundle up you can stay warm and get exercise without having to go to a gym.

Have you ever been to ACE in the winter? Our cabin rentals are very popular, especially with our off-season specials. When the stress of the real world gets to you, why not come on over and rent a cabin, soak in your own hot tub and enjoy a different side of ACE? You’ll see what many people never see: the beauty and tranquility of the winter months.

Of course, in another month or so I’ll be missing the hustle and bustle of the rafting season and be ready for our staff and guests to return. So, if you have a long weekend or a few days off during the winter, why don’t you treat yourself to a night or two in an ACE cabin?

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