ACE Is Where The Rubber Meets The Hot Tub

Most of us have only been on the guest side of renting a cabin. You show up and everything is there, ready to go. But who’s behind the scenes making sure that your unit is in tip-top shape? After all, folks move in and out every week and sometimes every day. Needless to say, it takes its toll on furnishings and amenities.Well, a few folks at ACE have been toiling over one particular reoccurring cabin issue – hot tub covers. Yes, they are a thorn in the side of many guests because they are heavy and hard to move while attempting to enjoy the hot tub. And for ACE staff, they just don’t hold up to expectation and require lots of repairs. In the past four years, we’ve spent thousands of dollars replacing hot tub covers to try to keep them at least functional for our guests. Well, no more!

Your typical cover for home use is rated to last about five-10 years. We buy the most industrial hot tub cover available, and we’re lucky if we get an entire year’s use out of it.

This is a classic case of need being the mother of invention. We needed a “bomb proof” solution to our dilemma and this got people thinking. The rafts ACE buys have a life expectancy of about 10 years, sometimes 15. As many of you know, they live a tough life dragged around by their handles, bouncing off rocks and used as trampolines.

Do you see where this is going?

I think you do. Can we make a hot tub cover out of raft material? It obviously holds up to lots of abuse. Paul Grey, our raft repairman, Paul Witt, housekeeping and grounds manager, and Ernie Kincaid, one of the ACE owners, put their heads together to see if they could come up with a solution. The goals were to (1) improve guest satisfaction with a lighter, more durable cover and (2) extend cover life by two-five years to minimize waste.

Well, we now have a prototype. Mind you, it looks more like the coat of many colors worn by Joseph, but functionally it’s holding up. We recently ordered enough Hypalon from the Hyside raft company to make five test covers. If you are one of the lucky lodgers this year to try out one of these new covers, please give us your feedback. After all, our main goal is to improve your stay so you’ll come back year after year.

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