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My name is Margie and I have epilepsy. It sounds like a dirty little secret when so simply put, which is how I have felt about my seizures for most of my life.I don’t like divulging this one major health problem of mine even to close friends. I can’t take the sympathetic looks and cooing reassurances from people who don’t know what it’s like to wake up in an ambulance with EMTs shouting rapid-fire questions.

What’s your name? Where do you live? How old are you? What day is it? Who is the current president?

I am an extremely independent woman, so I loathe more than anything the limitations having seizures puts on my life. I can’t drive and the fact that I will never own a motorcycle truly breaks my heart.

You’re probably wondering why, if I endeavor to down-play this neurological disorder, I am telling the whole world of ACE blog readers. Well, gather ’round. Nearly two years ago I had a seizure so bad it put into motion a series of strange events which caused me to have to move away from my home state of Kentucky.

After exhausting almost every possible relocation option I finally found the shoe that fit: West Virginia. I had always liked nature and was starting to generally despise the city, what with the lengths I had to go to just to live in one.

So sure, why not? I packed up the dog, some clothes and a lot of high heels and made the five hour trek east of civilization as I knew it. It should be noted that my sister drove us, I didn’t actually walk all that way. To quote Kirsty MacColl, “In these shoes? I don’t think so.”

One might first think that moving to a location with no public transportation is a tragically silly idea for someone with no car. Let me just say that walking is really great exercise! Shortly after moving away from Louisville I noticed a marked difference in my health. I was losing weight, sleeping better, eating better and feeling better. Most importantly, I was having fewer seizures!

I used to have them all the time in the city, and for whatever reason upon moving to this magical mountain wonderland the frequency of my affliction ebbed almost completely. My friends back home who had moved away told me over the years about the inherent toxicity of city life and I never believed them. Now, I am convinced.

In April of this year I began working at ACE in the reservation office. I love this job, which is obviously apparent by the five mile hike it takes just to get there from my house! In getting to see firsthand all that ACE offers, it occurred to me the fantastic health benefits one could glean from just a weekend stay at our resort.

Fibromyalgia? Stay in one of our cabins with hot tub to relax all aches and pains. IBS? Make sure you hit up our dining lodge with a buffet of food so good it nourishes body and soul.

Nagging boss got you so stressed you feel sick even in perfect health? Take a trip down the river and pretend the rapids are his head, then cap off the evening with a slow sunset stroll on one of our gorgeous trails.

The sunsets are beautiful out here. Of the 306 I have had chance to witness since moving to West Virginia, not one has failed to arrest me with awe and amazement. Just make sure you pack the right shoes.

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