ACE On The Travel Channel: We’re Famous!

Be sure to tune in to the Travel Channel this Wednesday night at 8 p.m. EST — ACE is going to get a bit more than 15 seconds of fame!

In the spring, the Travel Channel sent down a crew to film ACE for their “Extreme” series.This series features just about anything unique from extreme towns and roadside adventures to truck stops and super stores. ACE was filmed for the “Extreme Resorts” show because of all the extreme adventures here on property.

Even the Travel Channel has to work on a budget. They flew in a producer, camera man and audio guy for one day of shooting. We couldn’t exceed 10 hours and had to provide a 30-minute lunch break for their staff. It made for a whirlwind day.

With limited time, we focused on the Zip-Line Canopy Tour, ATV Tour and Lodging. For all our other activities, we provided them footage ACE had recently taken.

We did dozens of interviews from staff and guests roaming the property that day. And despite the lack of greenery (it was April), the weather was just about perfect. We lucked out!

It’s taken a few months to edit the segment, and now the premier showing is going to air on Wednesday night (that’s Aug. 12) at 8 p.m. EST.

Be sure to check us out on the Travel Channel. We’re excited to see it, too! If you happen to be at ACE that evening, it will be playing in the Lost Paddle Bar & Grill.

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