ACE The Musical!

I’m pretty sure ACE The Musical would be a huge hit.  Here’s why:

As a kid, I definitely marched to the beat of my own drum.  My interests were never quite in tune with the norm.

A great childhood memory for me is the Christmas my sister and I got our roller disco skates. It was like a cotton candy coated dream come true. We would skate around to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack with reckless abandon.

The key cinematic moment in my life was the movie “Grease.” My sister and I went to see it opening night at the King Theatre in Oak Hill, WV.

It was a transformational moment. That movie leapt from the screen for me. I just wanted to be a friend to Rizzo and have my own T-Bird jacket.  I pictured myself in the background doing the “Greased Lightning” choreography.

From that moment, I constantly imagined having backup singers in my every day life and breaking out into song when the urge hit. This would have been a great revelation if only I could sing. Unfortunately for anyone within earshot, my singing ability measures equally with my athleticism:  non-existent.

Now that “Glee” is the show that everyone is talking about, I started thinking that ACE could easily be a musical. I mean, just imagine (insert harp music and wavy video of imagining it) …

What would happen if Scott Olive broke out into “Jump” by Van Halen as his crew climbed Jump Rock?

How funny would it be if Josh Sapio belted out “Aint No Mountain High Enough” while rock climbing?

I have a great visual in my mind of raft full of guests (in full wetsuits!) doing a choreographed number to Ike and Tina Turner’s “River Deep Mountain Wide.” The rafts would come together and do rhythmic movements with their paddles while diving into the river like one of those 1940’s movies with Esther Williams. Or if all of the guides got into one big line and sang “Single Ladies” while mirroring Beyonce’s moves.

And at the end of the day on the Lower New River, everyone breaks into “Bridge over Troubled Water.” I picture everyone in the bus on the way back from the river joining in for a rousing rendition of “Country Roads.”

Actually, I’m pretty sure that last one has happened.

I could go on and on with my plans for the ACE musical. Everyone has their own favorite songs.

But what about you?  What song would be your whitewater anthem?

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