ACE Travelers Beware: Keep It Under 50 MPH


Opinions run deep when it comes to the speed limit in the Fayetteville, W.Va., area.If you are not familiar, it is 50 mph for 2 to 3 miles where Routes 16 and 19 intersect. There are also two traffic lights, several convenience stops and an overhead crosswalk in this area.

Some are very cynical and tout the speed limit as a trap that simply raises money for the town.

I say, the speed is posted for all to see, so there aren’t many excuses that will keep you from donating to the state and local economies if you don’t follow the law. Unless, of course, you find yourself daydreaming about your ACE vacation. Oh, wait, that reason works with us, not so much on the officer peering down at you over his Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Route 19 that travels through Summersville, Fayetteville and Oak Hill is a heavily traveled highway with tractor-trailers, Canadian snowbirds, motorcycle clubs and even bicycle road riders.

It’s a beautiful section of road that changes from 65 mph to 50 mph in Summersville and Fayetteville. Since the road is straight, for West Virginia standards, many travelers seem to have a hard time dragging their foot off the gas pedal.

But keep in mind, there is a reason for this speed limit madness – your safety. Deaths have occurred on this stretch of highway because of people driving too fast. You know it’s true – if the speed limit is 55, you drive 60-65, if it’s 65, everybody drives 70-75 mph. We humans love to push our boundaries.

Well, in two very short sections of Route 19, it’s 50 and they mean 50! Not 55. In both of these sections there is a lot of vehicular traffic getting on and off the main road. And many of these travelers are visitors to the area. We love our visitors, and we want to see them safe.

Yes, I personally drive this section of road every day to work, and I am very used to the speed limit expectations of our local law enforcement. It really isn’t that tough to adhere to the rules. Granted, I have been accused of driving more conservatively than most. But in the long run, I make it to work intact, and I like that.

That is our hope for you, too. So remember, if you are driving south on Route 19 for your ACE vacation, adhere to the speed limit.

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