ACE Zip Line Canopy Tour Update


A few years ago when we launched the area’s first Zip Line Canopy Tour, we had no idea how popular this activity would become. Year after year, more and more of you have zipped with us through the New River Gorge, making it our most popular off-river activity.This season, the ACE owners have commissioned the wizards from Beanstalk Journeys to expand our existing Zip Line Canopy Tour. And it’s a lot of work.

Mike Fischesser and the Beanstalk crew of adventure craftsmen design and build incredible outdoor climbing and discovery structures. The plan is to take our existing tour and adapt it to their unique style. From there, additional lines will be constructed as well as tandem lines so family and friends can zip side-by-side. Sky bridges are also a feature we are extremely amped about.

Another aspect of their construction that I especially appreciate is their efforts to maintain the landscape as much as possible. Isaac, the site manager, said they want to remove as few trees as possible and make the tour part of the wilderness.

Enough with the explanations, here is the meat of the story – the construction update.

Their design plan is exciting. Currently, they are focusing on revamping our existing tour. They built brand new launches and landing points made out of A-frame structures. Those are complete. They are using the same paths that our current lines take to maintain the integrity of the existing tour and disturb as little of nature as possible.

Now, they have the daunting task of stringing the new cables. It’s all physics balancing the weight and tightness of the cables to make the zips just right for the gravity-based braking system. Decks will be built on the A-frame structures at the cliff’s edge for an amazing panoramic view at each launch point, so have your cameras ready.

Once complete, they will start Phase Two, which will include brand new lines.

I know, I know. I wish it were finished, too. I can’t wait to try the new lines out. But you can’t rush progress. Look at it this way, it gives you a good excuse to come back and zip again – for the first time.

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  • Shirley

    Took the Zip Line tour on Sat. July 28th.  It was a exciting tour.  We had the
    best tour guides ever:  Cody, Beth and Dave.  They should be commended on
    their good work at making the tour such a pleasure.

    Shirley from Fairmont, WV

    • HeidiPrior

      Thanks Shirley for the shout-out. We will definitely inform their manager that they made such a good (and hopefully, lasting) impression. After all, our staff is the heart and soul of what we are all about. Thanks again Shirley!

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