ACE’s Waldo Goes On A Shoe Shopping Spree



Here’s my list and I’m checking it twice:

  • 148 shoes (74 pair)
  • 1,184 spikes
  • Rounded rather than pointy tips
  • 2,960 minutes (49 hours) for manicures
  • Sizes: 00 to 10 ½

Yes, it’s Waldo, confessing to my shoe fetish. May is coming and everyone needs new shoes, don’t they?

Much like my human counterparts, the change of season means a change of shoes for us as we begin to ride folks into the New River Gorge on a daily basis. For us, getting a manicure (shoeing) means our feet will be protected and we won’t get lame.

For those of you embarking on the river, a stop at the ACE Outfitter Store or our Fayetteville-based ACE Adventure Gear will offer a shoe shopping smorgasbord for the adventurer. For those of us at the stables, iron is our fashion statement.

Jeff starts preparing for our annual shoeing spree in the winter. He usually travels to Amish country in Ohio to get all of the supplies he’ll need for the first new shoes of the year plus some extra. We are very lucky as he can usually make quick changes in between rides during the busy season if we happen to lose one (OK, “throw a shoe”).

Our spikes are not 4-5 inches high, they are the nails that keep the shoes on our feet. We need anywhere from six to eight for each foot.

The shoes themselves are made from iron stock and most of us can use them “right off the shelf” while some of my stable mates need a custom set that are specially built and made on-site with forge and anvil. Most of us are used to being shoed and don’t mind (it doesn’t hurt).

So, the next time you go on a shopping spree for new shoes, remember Waldo and his friends. We need four for a complete set, you only need two for your trip on the New River!

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