And Now, A Word From West Virginia

Hi everyone.  West Virginia here.  You can call me the Mountain State if you want.

new river gorge bridge from the catwalk

Just wanted to talk to you for a second about vacations.  It’s kind of my specialty.  Anyway, most people think that, y’know, vacations in the mountains here with me are a summertime thing.  Not true.

Actually, fall and winter are awesome for us to spend a little time together.  Here’s why:

-You get me all to yourself.  I’m pretty popular in the summer, and, yes, there’s a lot of me to go around.  But this time of year, it’s just me and you, baby.

-Not to brag, but I’m beautiful.  ’Specially right now.  I just changed the wallpaper in the whole state.  Big time colors, everyone, especially in the New River Gorge.

-I’m cheap.  Hate to say it, but my loss (of leaves) is your gain.  Fact is, you can book a pretty rockin’ West Virginia vacation right now for, honestly, not much jack.

-You already know I’m the best kept secret in the mountains.  (Never figured out why that is, actually.  So what if I’m shaped funny?)  It just makes me that much more special for the people that know and love me (that’s you.)

So, yeah, now’s the time.

ACE is all about showing me off.  They’re open all year.  The cabins there are warm and cozy, secluded, and perfect for getting away.  Just for a little bit.

And I’m not saying we have to rush into anything.  Just think about it.  Let a reservationist tell you about me.   No rush.

I mean, I’m the Mountain State.  West Virginia.  Take your time.

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