Are YOU Searching For YOU?

find yourself at ace adventure resortCheck out how we went all Dr. Phil in our catalog:

“We think it’s time for you to rediscover someone. There’s someone you’ve been dying to meet, an old friend you might not have heard from in a while. It’s that person that’s always fun, all smiles; that person who is excited just to be alive, to be here.”That’s what an English teacher would have told us was “waxing poetic,” so we’ll just skip ahead and, to use another expression, put the walk to the talk.

We want YOU to get outside. We want to help you shrug off a little frustration or gloom. We’re telling everyone that we’re giving away FREE RAFTING TRIPS for our 30th birthday (which IS this year, thank you very much). But we’re really giving away free rafting because, well, we think everybody should just go rafting. Seriously, rivers? Big inflatable boats? Add those together and you get fun squared, folks. That’s the only math we know around here.

Come on. Free rafting essentially means we’re wagering you’ll thank us for splashing you. We’re betting you’re going to eat “just one more marshmallow” at the campfire. Double-or-nothing says you either skip a stone at the lake or use the word “giddy” in a sentence that day.

Do you have family vacation photos hung on the wall with everyone smiling? If you’ve been with us before, we bet that photo has a bright blue or yellow raft in it, and we want to take more of them. Is there that person in the family who just HAS to tell that vacation story over and over. Why not write a new story to tell? Instead of dropping the kids off at camp, why not go with them? We’ll be posting the details on our 30th year celebration shortly, so stay tuned…

Write back, and tell us how we can help you find your way to ACE…

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