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ATV tours in WVWhen you make your living guiding people in the outdoors on epic and exciting adventures, you realize that having partners is not only makes life more fun and interesting it’s essential. Whether choosing a partner in life or ATV adventures, there are many traits you want your partner to have: availability, integrity, responsibility, healthy self-esteem and a positive attitude. ACE recently partnered with Burning Rock Adventure Park, Southern West Virginias’ premier Outdoor Adventure Park and we have to admit, we are smitten. We couldn’t be happier or more excited by our choice. Burning Rock Outdoor Adventure Park has all the traits you want in an adventure partner and more, about 10,000 Acres and 100 miles more of ATV trails.

In their own words Burning Rock Outdoor Adventure Park is; ‘a family-fueled, mom-approved, razz-your-buddies, go-big-or-go-home, beginners-always-welcome way to have good time on a West Virginia vacation in the New River Gorge region. ATVs, SxSs and MX are the main focus here at Burning Rock with over 100 miles of well kept trails for every skill level on 10,000 acres and 1.25 mile professionally designed MX track!’ How’s that for healthy self-esteem and a positive attitude?

We sat down with Katie Sweeney, Director Of External Operations and asked her to give us the full scoop on all the ways you can have fun at Burning Rock. With a full offering of progressive guided tours, they literally offer something for everyone. If you a total newbie to rolling through the woods on an ATV, your guide is going to start out with a full introduction to the machine; the brakes, the throttle and gears. Then they teach you basic riding technique and let you practice on the trail and small features. As you start your tour and warm up to riding and get comfortable you’ll have the option to ride bumps and hills. Guides are knowledgeable and answer questions and tailor tours to your comfort level. Folks can bring their own machines or rent one as they have top of the line Polaris machines for you to ride. If you bring your own machines there is a loading ramp and a wash station available for you to use.

Just like at ACE, safety is important and you’ll be outfitted with a helmet and given a safety talk. Katie does recommend that you wear sneakers or hiking boots and bring a complete change of clothes, just in case. The wow factor is different for every one; so don’t be surprised if you come back to base covered in mud or with bugs in your teeth. Some people like to ride long distances while others enjoy tackling technical obstacles like steep drops, mud puddles or rutted trails. The fear factor is typically not knowing how the machine is going to react, and as you could be riding steep trails with rocks and mud, that is a very realistic fear. But all riders go at their pace and only ride terrain they are comfortable with. Like most sports, riding ATV’s is an experiential experience, you have to try it and learn it for yourself. Guides are there to teach you techniques and give you tips to make you a better rider. Families enjoy riding together and often parents have as much or more fun than the kids. The biggest smiles Katie sees are when parents see their kids gaining skills and confidence while having a great time. All of the trips are customized so you can have a fun zooming through the woods with the girls, the guys or have a chill family activity.

Riding through the park really gives you a historical perspective on coal mining and the rich heritage of West Virginia. You’ll ride through old coal fields, abandoned towns, your guides know the history and will entertain you with stories of days gone by.

So when you are planning your next vacation to ACE, add a day and check out Burning Rock Adventure Park, you’ll be as excited as we are to ATV with them.

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